Terms of Use




These Rules govern the development, distribution and use of Mods in Wargaming Games Group Limited and its affiliates (collectively, «Wargaming» or «we»). The development, distribution and use of Mods in violation of these Rules is prohibited. Users have the right to distribute and use Mods published on the Hub in accordance with these Terms of Use.



«Games» – online, console and other games published by Wargaming, including World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships, World of Tanks on Xbox®360 and Xbox®One, World of Tanks on PlayStation®4, World of Tanks Blitz and others.

“Intellectual rights” — copyrights (including on computer programs and databases), rights to trademarks, service marks, corporate identity, brands, logos, reputation, brand names, domain names, samples, patents, inventions, know-how, commercial secret, confidential information, personal non-property rights, the right to public use of information about an individual, performance, synchronization of the musical work with the video footage, reproduction and distribution of the musical work of physical media, publishing, renting, other identical or similar intellectual property rights and commercial use rights that exist now or may occur in the future in any country of the world, irrespective of the presence, absence and possibility of their registration, including all satisfied and submitted applications for registration, allocation, extension, renewal, reissue, restoration of such rights.

«Content» means content included into the version of the Game published by Wargaming for general use, as well as other content published by Wargaming, for which it is expressly stated that it can be used for developing Mods.

«User» is an authorized user of the Game, who has a valid Wargaming.net account.

«"Mod"» is a computer program created by the User or another third party to modify the Game client and improve the game process.

«Hub» is the website www.wgmods.net, which is the official resource for publishing and downloading Mods. The Terms of use of the Hub are an integral part of these Terms of Use and are binding on all Users.



Mods that violate the rights of third parties, these Terms of Use or provide undue advantage in the Game are prohibited (hereinafter – «Prohibited Mods»). Examples of Mods that provide undue advantage are as follows:

- Mods that display the enemy's positions otherwise that designed in the Game client:

  • highlighting the destroyed objects in the map or mini-map in real time;
  • changing the way SPG’s tracers are displayed, or calculating the position of the opponent's SPG by its tracers and highlighting them;
  • showing «spotted» vehicles, even when not engaging them;

- Mods that facilitate dodging enemy shots by determining its aiming point and projecting the suggested trajectory of the projectile, for example, using a laser beam;

- Mods that report the reloading of enemy vehicles or display their reload timers;

- «smart» sights that offer more features than the standard target capture functionality implemented in the client. Especially those sights that automatically lock on the weak points of vehicles and/or the enemy’s vehicles as a whole, as well as «capture» the target behind the obstacle calculate the lead for the player;

- Mods that allow automatic use of standard (not premium) equipment;

- Mods that change the transparency of objects in the map;

- Mods that display the «ghosts» of enemy vehicles at the position where the vehicle was «spotted» last time;

- Mods that contain advertising or enable advertising in the game client;

- Any possible Mods that change the parameters of technology or game objects that affect the gameplay and violate the rules of the game, which may appear in the future.

The above list of Prohibited Mods is not exhaustive and is subject to change by Wargaming at any time.



Development. Users have the right to develop Mods not considered to be Prohibited ones. Wargaming grants to Users a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license without the right of assignment and sublicense effective across the whole world to reproduce, copy, modify the Content solely for creating Mods for the Games in accordance with these Terms of Use («Wargaming License»). The Wargaming license is valid subject to compliance with these Terms of Use and other binding documents applicable to Wargaming products and services (including the License Agreement, the Privacy Policy, the Game Rules, the Forum Rules, Mod Hub Rules, etc.).

Users may not use the Content for purposes not explicitly specified in these Terms of Use or in another Wargaming license. Users are not entitled to remove notifications of intellectual property rights posted in (on) the Content.

In addition, the Wargaming License is valid provided that:

- The User has received Content from the Wargaming company (or its authorized agents) and did not receive (did not attempt to obtain) Content from other persons;

- Wargaming does not guarantee that the Content will be available permanently, in all countries of the world, at a certain moment or for a certain period of time (unless otherwise specifically stated for specific products or services);

- Wargaming does not guarantee that the use of the Content will not violate the rights of third parties, in particular the rights of Wargaming licensors. At the request of the copyright holder or at our discretion, we are entitled to remove the Mod from the Hub and request the User to stop distributing the Mod containing Content that can no longer be used to create the Mods. Wargaming may at any time prohibit the use of any Content in the development of Mods;

- Wargaming is entitled to update, delete and otherwise modify the Content if necessary.

All rights to the Content, Games and their copies are owned by Wargaming and its licensors and cannot be used by third parties, unless otherwise expressly stated in these Terms of Use. Content and Games are protected by copyright law, international treaties and conventions on copyright and other regulations. In addition, Content and Games contain materials obtained under license. Wargaming licensors may defend their rights in case of violation of these Terms of Use.

If, when developing the Mod, the User uses third-party content, he must obtain all necessary rights from the owner of such content. Wargaming does not check Mods for compliance with the Intellectual Rights of third parties and legislation and is not responsible for such violations.

Distribution. Users have the right to distribute Mods which are not considered to be Prohibited ones. Wargaming shall exercise moderation of Mods uploaded to the Hub, and allow their distribution on the Hub at their discretion. Mods shall be distributed for free. Distribution of Mods on a fee-paying basis or against other material and (or) non-material remuneration is not allowed.

Use. End Users may use Mods, which are not considered to be Prohibited ones. If the User identifies a Mod that contains advertising or enables advertising in the game client, the User shall stop using such Mod immediately and shall promptly communicate to Wargaming Support its name and source.



By uploading a Mod to the Hub, the User thereby grants Wargaming and its affiliates the non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, distribute, transmit, transcode, translate, broadcast and communicate over other communication channels, publicly display and playback the uploaded Mod and derivative works in the whole world in connection with the operation, distribution, promotion of the Games and other Wargaming products and services («User License»).

If the User provides Wargaming with feedback or suggestions regarding the Games, Hub, other Wargaming products and services, Wargaming may use such feedback and suggestions in any way without any mutual obligations to the User.

We will retain anonymous information after your Account has been deleted. Mods you have shared with others through the Mod Portal will remain visible after you delete your account, and we do not control data that other Members copied out of our Services. Mods associated with deleted accounts will show an unknown user as the source.



The User warrants that he has the rights necessary to issue Wargaming and other persons the User's License, including intellectual property rights, ownership and personal rights with respect to Mods. The user warrants that he is the creator of the Mods, which he uploads to the Hub.

The user also warrants that the Mods, their uploading to the Hub and granting the rights to them do not violate any contracts and applicable law.

In addition to the remedies available to Wargaming , the User undertakes to completely indemnify Wargaming, its employees, affiliates and partners from direct and indirect liability, claims, charges, damages (including costs of legal and other professional services) and penalties without the obligation to take measures to reduce them and regardless of the manner in which they occur, if they are wholly or in part, directly or indirectly caused by a violation or alleged violation by the User of these Terms, intellectual property rights of Wargaming or third parties or applicable law.

In the event of a claim against Wargaming regarding Mods, the User is obliged to immediately notify Wargaming. Wargaming is entitled to decide that the User will independently defend himself re the said claim at his own expense and on his own behalf, but under the ultimate control of Wargaming. The user may not attempt to settle the claim independently without the prior written consent of Wargaming.



In the case of the use of Prohibited Mods, the User will be warned the first time and his access to the Games will be suspended for a period of seven days (in addition to other liability for violation of these Terms, Copyright or applicable law).

Repeated violation entails indefinite suspension of access to the Games.

Wargaming company is not obliged to provide evidence of the use of prohibited Mod or report what kind of Prohibited Mod was used, even upon receiving a request from the user.