Pagdpanzer IV Remodel to KanonJagdpanzer

8.29.2017 для WOT от arasgrandpa
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Remodel of the Jagdpanzr IV German Tank Destroyer, model swap with Kanonjagdpanzer with other modifications. This is a refresh of a goodman12 remodel, updated for current game version. Combination and rework to port it to current version and repaint by Grandpa

Grandpa’s Remodels and Modification for WoT

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Simple method: Copy / Move the <vehicle name> .wotmod file from the archive (zip) to the World of Tanks / mods / xxx folder, where xxx is the current game version
Better method: Create a folder in the World of Tanks / mods / Xxx folder, where xxx is current game version, named vehicles. Then move the <vehicle name> .wotmod file from the archive (zip) into the that vehicles folder. This keeps things a little more organized.

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