Custom Crew, Equipment, and Vehicle Icons

8.29.2017 для WOT от arasgrandpa
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Adds custom icons for:
- Crew with medals and ranks
- Barracks with flags and options
- Ammo
- Equipment
- Consumables
- Vehicles with camo
Grandpa’s Remodels and Modification for WoT

Инструкция по установке

To install copy the directories from the archive (zip) to the World of Tanks game folder.

To change from the Default to one of the optional modes:
First install the original Custom Icons as described. Then to install and/or change the crew icons for the barracks to one of the Alternate Flags Mode do the following:

Go to res_mods/x.x.x/gui/maps/icons/tankmen/icons/
You will see the “barracks” and various sub directories barracks_german_1, barracks_german_2, baracks_japan_1, etc
Copy the contents of the option you want to install to the barracks directory. I have included a “default” directory of the originals, if you want to restore back to original.