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Voicepack: MW2-AC130, Medal of Honor voices.

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Was updated: Apr, 11
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This is simply a replacement file for the voices in game for World of Tanks, derived from Call of Duty: MW2 and Medal of Honor for a more intense expereince while playing. There’s nothing derogatory or offensive in here, just more intense and definitely more satisfying voices from when you successfully hit/pen, player kill, etc.

Here are the different number of voices for each event for full disclosure:

Any crew injury/death: 4
Any module damaged/destroyed not including tracks or radio(i.e. ammo rack, gun, etc) : 9
Artillery “that was close” (or just splash damage): 4
Bounce/non pen: 3
Crew all dead: 1 (I know, I didn’t know this was an event either)
Player Death: 4
Enemy on fire: 4

Flag acquired: 2
Flag captured: 2
Flag dropped: 2
Flag enemy captured: 2
Flag enemy acquired: 3

Friendly fire (By you): 2
Friendly killed (By you): 2
Game Start: 11
GUN repaired (when destroyed): 2
Enemy Hit/Penetration/Critical Hit (All under the same roof): 7
Enemy killed: 7
Permission to engage (Not sure what this is): 1
RADIO damaged: 1
Standing By (Again, never heard this event either): 2

Target Locked (Right click for tracking enemy:) 2
Target Lost (Target unspotted): 2
Target Reset (Right clicking off target): 2

Tracks/Engine DESTROYED: 2
Tracks/Engine Repaired: 2

TURRET Repaired when destroyed: 2
Observation device repaired: 1

We’re on fire (Obviously you, on fire): 2

And that’s it! Again it just makes for a more intense and enjoyable experience for those who aren’t a fan of the in game voices.

Installation Guide

CAUTION: Save the original “voiceover.bnk” file (10,260kb) in another location if you choose to go back to it.

To install, simply extract the zip folder and copy and paste the new voiceover.bnk file (14,828kb) in your game directory, replacing the old file. (World_of_Tanks/res/audioww). DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME OR DELETE ANY OTHER FILES.

Use the standard voice selection in-game. Additionally, my personal sound settings are everything at 70% and voices at 100% for this mod to have even volume.

Change log

  • 1.0
    No changes, just the same file and still works as the format has not changed.


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