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Bertuhan's National Decal Remover

Author: Bertuhan | Mod updated: Apr, 5 | Game version: | Mod version: 2
Downloads: 42
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This small mod removes all national decals (The standard emblems which show what nation the tank is part of), and on top of that other decals assigned to specific vehicles.

This mod was created because of how these emblems always get in the way of skins, but it is also useful for people who just don’t want those decals on their tanks.

The removed decals are (you can see them all in the cover pic):
- British flag
- Russian star
- Czech flag
- Polish checkerboard
- French rose
- Swedish flag
- American Star
- Japanese flag
- German cross v1 and cross v2
- T-55A emblem (T9 german reward medium tank)
- Chinese star
- Type 64 emblem (T6 chinese premium light tank)
- Alpha tester emblem
- Beta tester emblem
- Some weird emblem called ‘moder_ring’ (Never seen it though)

Other removed decals (after update, not showing in cover pic)
- Italian flag

Installation Guide

Unpack the rar file. Inside is a map called ‘gui’. Copy this map and paste it inside “your WoT folder/res_mods/current version

To remove the mod just delete that ‘gui’ map you pasted into ‘res_mods’ again.

Change Log

  • 2
    - Nothing changed compared to
  • 2
    - Nothing
  • 2
    - Created a transparent Italian Flag


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