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Bat Chat. 12t Ultra Instinct

Author: BlablaPaige | Mod updated: Apr, 13 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.110
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So this skin have a story, in NOOT clan in stronghold, nobody want me to play light, beacause they think I will die in the 30s of the game, well often its true, but sometimes, I break my limit and dodge every shot like Son Goku, but also like him, I’ve got only half of the Ultra Instinct power, beacause…well after dodging 4 millions damage, I just die when I try to do damage, killed by a Defender shooting HE.

The camo apply normaly on the black part of the tank.

Note: on some map it will be darker, and total night on Ruinberg, Kerelia and Siegfried line

Installation Guide

Put the “vehicles” folder in your “Wold of tank/res_mods/Actual version/ ” folder


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