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Remod and skin for the german PzKw.VI Tiger I late G04_Tiger_I with the markings for the Tiger I No. 101 of famous Tank Ace "Kurt Knispel"

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Added: Mar, 10
Downloads: 26


This remod allows you to use the new Tiger_I No.217 Modell for your
regular Tiger I tank.
Skin shows the tank of the famous german Tank Ace “Kurt Knispel” with the Turret Number 101 ! The skin shows the correct modell and skin of his Tiger_I “mid production” in 1943 fighting with s.PzAbt.503 !!
THX to “PeNeTrAtOrX” who helped me with the rewriting of the modell files.
Skin/remod comes with a Gun/Turret swapp to allways show the hist. correct Gun/Turret combination of the Tiger I !!
I have reworked the _AO.dds files also to DISABLE all possible Premium Camo on the tank to avoid any issues with my skin. Note that the camo bonus is still active and ONLY YOU do not see it anymore !!

Installation Guide

After unpacking the .rare file just install the “res_mods ” folder into the game root and start the game.
After a new patch just change the number of the versions folder.
If there are any bugs with my skin or the remod, plz report it here.
I shall fix it quickly.


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