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Type 5 Super Saiyajin Blue

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Mod version 1.1 Game version
Added: Mar, 10
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For years, the Type 5 was the most useless tier 10, it was like having the perfect middle of the E100 and the Maus, but in the end, you just got the worst of the two, by having no armor, no gun, no mobility, and being even bigger.
Then it was buff, and it was so huge that it was like a new form for the tank, to mark that he got his own Super Saiyajin transformation.
Take note that this mod can really handicap you in map like Ruinberg, Siegfried line or Karelia beacause its completely night

Installation Guide

Just put the folder “vehicles” in your World of tank/res_mods/”Actual version/ folder

Change log

  • 1.1
    I upload it here so I can use it without getting ban beacause I have stupid skin beacause I'm an idiot


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