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Remod and historical Skin for the "standard" german PzKw.VI Tiger I late (G04_Tiger_I)

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Added: Mar, 9
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This remod allows you to use the new Tiger_I No.217 Modell for your
regular Tiger I tank.
THX to “PeNeTrAtOrX” who helped me with the rewriting of the modell files.
Skin/remod comes with a Gun/Turret swapp to allways show the hist. correct Gun/Turret combination of the Tiger I !!
Skin shows the Tiger I “mid production” No.213 of the famous german Tank Ace “Oberleutnant Otto Carius” late 1943 at the Easternfront !

Installation Guide

After unpacking the .rare file just install the “res_mods ” folder into the game root and start the game.
After a new patch just change the number of the versions folder.
If any bugs plz. report them here and I shall fix them quickly.


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