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HD Skin for the Churchill MK.III LL (Lend Lease) heavy Premium Tank !

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Added: Mar, 7
Downloads: 47


Skin shows a Churchill MK.III heavy tank in service with the Red Army, delivered with the “Lend Lease” Act.
Tank belongs to a “Heavy Guards Tank Brigade” in Poland 1944 !
Skin comes with reworked AO.dds files to disable any Premium camo
for this tank. Camo bonus will be active but YOU do not see the Premium camo.

Installation Guide

Unpack the .rare file and copy the res_mods folder into the game root.
If there will be any further game updates (Patches) just update the
versions folder number, that’s all.
Please report me any bugs you will get with this skin here and I shall fix it quiclky.
Enjoy, Sarge


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