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3ar0n Mod Collection Pack

by 3ar0n
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Mod version 9.22.1062 Game version
Added: Mar, 2
Downloads: 67


About this modpacks:
- contains “basic” mods
- re-config (almost mods contained) for better visualization
- uses WTR-stat instead of WN8-stat
- easy to install through the installer (does not write in registry)
- support Vietnamese and English

Mod list:
- Icons (tank contours, ammo, consumable…)
- Standard Extended Crosshair
- Gun Constraints
- Colored hits “Paintball”
- Marks On Gun Extended
- ButtonReplacer (Battle chat)

For more infomation, please visit my site

Installation Guide

- select folder where World of Tanks installed
- select which mods you want to use (XVM can’t be deselected)
and install

- just delete everything inside “mods” and “res_mods” folder, and keep the empty [game version] folder (in each folder above)

Change log

  • 9.22.1062
    - Update XVM to 7.4.1 - Add Mark On Gun Extended mod - Add [English] language to ButtonReplacer mod
  • older versions
    see at https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Changelog-YcmWrcVgR9gbyHynytbxg


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