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KupJones Kustom XVM Konfig

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Mod version 9.22.x Game version
Added: Mar, 2
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My own piece of XVM Heaven. This is tailored to my own likes – hope you like it too.

Installation Guide

  1. Make sure you visit the XVM website, setup an XVM Account (www.xvm.com)
  2. Make sure you enable XVM on that site.
  3. Download the XVM installation program from https://modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/. Make sure and grab the .exe installer.
  4. Run the XVM installer per XVM instructions
  5. Download my XVM mod into a temporary subdirectory on your PC
  6. Open the contents of the .7z file 7zip file manager (you can get this from www.7-zip.org)
  7. Open a new Windows Explorer window, navigate to your WOT game directory folder (ex: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks)
  8. In the 7-zip manager window you will see a “res_mods” folder – drag that from the 7-zip manager over to your C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ folder
  9. Accept any “overwrite” notices.
  10. Log back into WOT and you should see the new XVM Konfig splash screen (see screenshots)
  11. The splash screen indicates that you are done!

Change log

  • 9.22.x


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