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TianBao's Skinpack

Author: TheTianBao | Mod updated: Jul, 25 | Game version: 1.1.0 | Mod version:
Downloads: 174
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Hello Tankers!

This is a compendium of skins for tanks i’ve created.

This Mod adds many skins to your game.
To see all skins,check out the gallery on my blog here. or just download the mod and select the Tanks you want to use.

These skins aren’t historical correct and I created them myself. If you have any requests, just give me a hint ingame :)

Current included Skins:

T32 Golden Eagle
T34B Silver Eagle
M6A2E1 Xenomorph
M56 Silver Scorpio

VK1602 Leopard Love Bomb
VK2801 Fledermaus
Indien Tank Steppenwolf
8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Greentiger
VK3001 H Blue Metal
VK3001 M Proto Panther

ELC EVEN 90 Watchguard
AMX 13 75 Swamp Monster

WZ132 Gold Dragon
WZ121 Thunder
WZ121 DeepBlue

FV4005 Stage II Rusty Scorpion

Progetto M35 Mod 46 Spagetto


Installation Guide

How to Install:

  1. Unzip the File
  2. Start the Setup
  3. Choose the skins you want to use
  4. Push Install

Change Log

    Updated the deployment - set the language to english Updated the UI - Now you can hover to see the preview - Set the UI to a bigger scale to see the preview better
    Updated to Added new Skins: STRV S1 "SWEDEN" M6A2E1 "Xenomorph"
    Updated to
    Updated to Added a new italy tank Progetto_M35_mod_46


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