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TianBao's Skinpack

Author: TheTianBao | Mod updated: Dec, 25 | Game version: | Mod version:
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Hello Tankers!

This is a compendium of skins for tanks i’ve created. This Mod adds many skins to your game. You just install the skinpack selector and than select the tank skins you want to use , or just install them all.

These skins aren’t historical correct and I created them myself. If you have any requests, just give me a hint ingame or ask below :)

The new version is currently in review, it will feature allmost all old skins.

Installation Guide

How to Install:

  1. Unzip the File
  2. Start the Setup
  3. Choose the skins you want to use or just push “Install all skins”
  4. Push Install

Change Log

    - Updated for Version - Added Skinfree Skorpion G - Added Reskin for Tiger 131 - Tiger 217 Otto Carius - Bugfix VK 16.02 could not be installed alone when only checked
    -Fixed the Skin of G1R
    Added new Skin - G1R "VIVE LA FRANCE Dragon"
    Updated for Version
    -Fixed all German skins (Deleted the 30.01 H skin) -Fixed all American skins -Fixed all Chinese skins ( Deleted WZ131 skin) -Fixed all French skins -Fixed all British skins -Fixed all Italian skins -Fixed all Swedish skins Updated the skin install routine. If an skin allready exisits it will not be overwritten and the player gets an message box with an hint.
  • 1.2.0
    Updated to Version 1.2.0
    Updated the deployment - set the language to english Updated the UI - Now you can hover to see the preview - Set the UI to a bigger scale to see the preview better
    Updated to Added new Skins: STRV S1 "SWEDEN" M6A2E1 "Xenomorph"
    Updated to
    Updated to Added a new italy tank Progetto_M35_mod_46


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