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Jimbo's modpack(2017 version)+ awfultanker's server reticle

Author: feies_vlad | Mod updated: Jul, 8 | Game version: | Mod version: 8
Downloads: 307
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This is a modpack made by jimb091, its a 2017 version.
-it has slightly diferent minimap circles and it contains a proxy spot circle
-it has garage tank stats: nr. of games, winrate and avr dmg
-it has service racord stats
-it automatically moves equipment like binos, camo net and toolbox from tank to tank
-it has slightly diferent damage/hit log
-it has a small “lock” on the gold and free xp, which helps against accidental use
-it has a server reticle ( http://awfultanker.torvox.eu/servermarker.html ) the link for it if you want to use just the server reticle-(made by awfultanker)
-it has zoom out aswell

Installation Guide

Just copy the 2 folders (res_mods and mods) inside the main wot folder.
If you have any other mods installed please delete them so it does not interfere with this modpack.

Change Log

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    7.Updated for
  • 6
    6.Updated for
  • 5
    5.Updated for
  • 4
    4. Updated for
  • 3
    3. Fixed a small problem with the sixth sense sound not working.
  • 2
    2. Updated for 1.0.0
  • 1
    1-updated for the 9.22.01


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