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Shimada_sama's gun sound mod

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Mod version 3.1 Game version
Was updated: Mar, 13
Downloads: 170


This is my first gun sound mod for World of tanks.
I use gun sound from many source such as
- Gnomefather
- Battlefield
- WarThunder
and more.

I’m open to your suggestions.
Thanks for your feedback.


Do enjoy ^ - ^

PS. I’m going to add a new preview soon.

Installation Guide

  1. Place engine_config.xml at World_of_Tanks/res_mods/
  2. Place weapons_guns_sound_NPC.bnk, weapons_guns_sound_PC.bnk, and weapons_reload_sound.bnk at World_of_Tanks/res_mods/

Change log

  • 3.1
    - Add 152mm for USSR - Fix M24 Chaffee's 75mm M17 gun sound - Fix T21's 76mm M1A2L gun sound
  • 3.0
    - Add interior gun sound - Add 12.7mm M2HB sound for USA & UK - Add 12mm dshk for USSR - Add 15mm Besa for UK - Add 20mm Hispano for USA - Add 20mm kwk for Germany - Add 20mm tnsh for USSR - Add 40mm bofor for UK - Add 90mm auto - Add 100mm d54 for USSR - Add 120 mm auto - Add 155mm
  • 2.2
    - Update for new USSR tech tree. - Add 122mm howitzer sound for USSR. - Add new gun sound for SPG. - Rework gun reloaded sound. - Rework shell drop sound


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