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Original Soundtracks

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Mod version 1.2 Game version
Was updated: Mar, 13
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This is not a MOD. It just contains all by wargaming produced Songs around WoT. Have fun with them! :)

Andrius Klimka

Copyright © Wargaming.net 2018

Installation Guide

Unpack the .rar file wherever you want and start playing these awesome soundtracks!

Change log

  • 1.2
    +Primo Victoria - Sabaton [World of Tanks Edition] +Akira Yamaoka - Battle in Japan +WG Fest Live Mix +Official Soundtrack - El Halluf +Official Soundtrack - Paris +Official Soundtrack - Overlord +Official Soundtrack - Erlenberg +Official Soundtrack - Cliff +Official Soundtrack - Airfield +Official Soundtrack - Abbey +Official Soundtrack - Fisherman's Bay +Official Soundtrack - Westfield +Official Soundtrack - Mountain Pass +Update 1.0: Join the Beta Soundtrack
  • 1.1
    + Official Soundtrack - Karelia + Official Soundtrack - Fjords + New folder categories


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