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Mod version 1.4.1 Game version 1.0.0
Was updated: Mar, 21
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Send message to team or platoon, eventually with a “help” or “ping” command, if you are spotted and under some conditions.

This mod aim to inform your CW-TC-ESL team if you are spotted but only if they want that informations:

Infact you can configure the mod to be enabled in some types of battles and with some types of tanks. Also, in battle you can disable/enable it pressing F11

- send messages to team when 6th sense
- cooldown after message, default 60 sec
- can disable function for some tank types if you want
- can enable function only when team amount is small, default is always
- can be different settings for each battle type
- allows multiple settings for same battle type
- can send delay message to myself (for unspotted notation)

Default settings:
- the message contains the words “An enemy ha spotted me at A8”
- don’t ping the minimap
- use F7
- F11 to activate/disable the mod
- enabled for every tank types
- disabled in random battles except platoon message

- config file: mods/configs/chirimen.spotmessanger/config.xml
- document: mods/configs/chirimen.spotmessanger/customize.txt

- GitHub page
- EU forum

Installation Guide

.1. download spotmessanger zip file.
.2. extract zip file.
.3. copy files in mods to your wot folder (ex. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods)

Change log

  • 1.4.1
    recompiling and repackaging for WoT version 1.0.0


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