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British Historical Camo

Author: FrozenKemp | Mod updated: Oct, 22 | Game version: | Mod version: 29
Downloads: 443
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This mod replaces the colours of the British camouflage in World of Tanks with more historically accurate colours, derived from the best research available.

It also changes the default emblem of British tanks to a set of Red, White, Red stripes (rather than White, Red, White) which was used far more often.

Finally, it replaces several emblems in the game with the insignia of British military units from World War 2.

NOTE: this mod does not change how your tank will be seen by other players.

Installation Guide

Extract the zip file into the res_mods subfolder for the current version of the game.

I recommend you do not use the mod if it has not been updated to the latest version of the game. An old version may prevent you from entering the vehicle customization UI.

Change Log

  • 29
    Compatibility update
  • 28
    Compatibility update for 1.2
  • 27
    Compatibility update
  • 26
    Compatibility fix for September 6
  • 25 (1.1.0)
    Fixed (brightened) colour of Portland Stone but had to move it to a different pattern due to lack of data space. Changed disruptive colour in desert pattern with black and white stripes. This was an unofficial colour described as "sludge", "khaki", or "muck".
  • 23
    Compatibility update. I changed the two extra Wargaming-created variations of the Light Sand and Brown desert camo with black and white lines, to Light Sand, Brown, and just black lines, which was used on some tanks. I will try to find out if other colour variations existed.
  • 22
    Compatibility update
  • 21
    Compatibility update
  • 20
    Summer three colour pattern replaced with three more historical options for two-tone "Mickey Mouse" camouflage: Olive Green with Dark Brown, Brown with Black, and post-war Deep Bronze Green with Black. Desert pink scheme now has more common Dark Olive disruptive colour. Tweaked Dark Brown, Blue-Black, and Khaki Green colours
  • 19
    Compatibility update Changed ahistorical tri-colour camouflage to two-colour "Mickey Mouse" pattern Tweaked base brown in two-tone brown
  • 16
    Updated to work with latest WoT files. I also changed the colour of Khaki Green which appears in the early war two-tone and "sophisticated bicolor" patterns. My initial colour was based solely on Mike Starmer's sample which is an aged khaki green. The Matilda restoration at the Tank Museum in Bovington shows the original colour. I chose a colour about halfway in between.
  • 14
    Update to work with 1.0.1 data
  • 13
    Changed what Wargaming calls "Grassy Green" to have more Light Green than Khaki Green to distinguish it from the other camouflage patterns.
  • 12
    Updated to work with
  • 11
    Updated for 1.0
  • 10
    Updated to work with 9.22


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