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Panzercross Historical Immersion Mod

Author: Panzercross | Mod updated: Dec, 12 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.3.0
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This mod is a look and feel immersion enhancement to vanilla world of tanks. It contains the following:
- HD Tank Decals (Alternate Versions for Japan, Poland, Sweden, USSR, China, French, Germany, Italy, USA)
- HD Tank Marks of Excellence (Alternate Versions for Japan and China)
- Fixed Phonetics and Historical Rank Defeinitions for Various Nations (Alt Versions for China Only)
- HD Barracks Mugshots for Various Nations (Alt Versions for China and USSR 1942)
- HD Ranks for Various Nations (Alternate Versions for Britain, China, and USSR)
- HD Ammo, Equipment and Consumables
- Historical Tank Designations and Descriptions
In Long-Term Development: A Mod Configuration Program.

Installation Guide

Once you unpack the contents, the default selections are already selected in the res_mods folder. In order to find any alternate versions, you must first go into the alternate versions folder. This folder contains all of the alternate versions that you can use instead of the default selections. Historical Data text files will give you relavent historical information to any of the alternate versions included in the mod. Instructions to Change text files that are scattered throughout the mod will instruct you how to change them. The alternate versions folder is structured like the res_mods folder so you can easily replace files.

Change Log

  • 1.3.0
    - Text component of the mod updated for update 1.3.0
    -Added New Polish Decals -Added New Polish Tank Historical Data to Existing Stock WoT -Revamped Historical Tank Data for all other nations to the newer versions.
    - Added Designation for Sherman Vc Firefly - Standardized Designations between UK and USA - Cleaned up the Descriptions for UK vehicles
  • 1.0.2
    -Fixed Low Quality Italian Ranks -Added Chinese Koumingtang Marks of Excellence -Added Missing Italian Barracks shots
  • 1.0.1
    -Updated Historical Tank Data to 1.0.1 Standards -Added Historical Tank Data for All Nations -Added USSR Alternate Decals (1st and 7th Tank Brigade) -Added Alternate Decals for Poland -Fixed the Historical Decal for Czecholslovakia -Added/Updated Historical Data Files for all new or existing places -Restructured the Alternate Versions Folder -Fixed the Display of the Modern Chinese Star (China_Koumingtang.dds) for the Type 64 -Standardized the Display of Rank Titles for China Note: I am aware of the Italian ranks being of low quality. I will fix them next update Note 2: I am also aware that the Chinese Koumingtang Star for the Marks of Excellence Achievement has not been made. Next Update will be when it will be done. Note 3: I am aware that some of the Barracks Shots of Italian Tankers are missing. I will correct this in the Next Version.
  • 1.0.0
    Changed the Following Vehicles names and related Modules/Descriptions: Germany: E 25 to E-25 E 50 to PzKpfw. E-50/E-50 (long only) E 75 to Pz.Kpfw. E-75/E-75 E 100 (All Variants) to E-100 G.W. Panther to Grille 12/15 G.W. Tiger to Grille 17/21 Grille 15 to Waffentrager Grille 15/ WT Grille 15 (Both name lengths, second one for modules) Dicker Max to Pz.sfl.IVa Dicker Max (Long name only) T 15 and T 25 to T-15 and T-25 All Vehicles that include the words Sturmgeschütz (StuG), Geschützwagen (G.W.) or Waffenträger (WT) have the expanded names in the long name. VK 30.02M is the Panther Ausf. D/Panther D (First model) (upgraded turret and suspension and the entire vehicle) The Panther to Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. G / Panther G Tiger I to Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. E/Tiger I E Panther II to Pz.Kpfw. VB Panther II Panther mit 8.8cm to Panther Ausf. F/Panther F Lowe to Lowe Ausf. A Pz. VII to Lowe Ausf. B Marder 38t to Marder III Word Panzerjager for tiers II-IV and VI added Panzerselbstfahrlafette for the IVb, IVc and Steurer Emil (long only) Grille's long name has been extended to Pz.Sfl. 38(t) Grille Ausf. K. Hummel's name has been extended to Geschützwagen III/IV Hummel USSR: BT-7 art. To BT-7A USA: All SPGS that do not have HMC or GMC now have correct designations (M53/M55 now is M55, M40/M43 is M40) T67 to T67 GMC M8A1 to M8A1 GMC T25 AT to T23 AT Sweden: Emil I to Emil 1951 E1/Emil E1 Emil II to Emil 1952 E2/Emil E2 Japan: Heavy Tank Number VI to Type 3 O-He “Taiga”/O-He "Taiga" O-I Experimental to Mi-To O-I (Description only) O-Ni to O-I Kai/O-I ban II (ban II = Kai – ban II used on Modules because upgraded versions of some modules use Kai as improved version of the previous module) O-Ho to O-I ban III/O-I III Type 4 Heavy to Type 4 O-Ro/O-Ro Type 5 Heavy to Type 5 O-Ro Kai/O-Ro Kai (No alternate Modules so Kai is used on all Modules that use Type 5 O-Ro Kai in it) Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro to Type 89 I-Go/I-Go (Chi-Ro was after tank’s reclassification post 1937)
  • 0.9.22/TS1.0
    -Added Higher Detail American Ranks, Standardized the visual Size of the Small Rank files. Originally this was inconsistent between versions and nations. This fixed China NRA/Koumingtang, Poland, Italy, and Czech Ranks.


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