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Panzercross Historical Immersion Mod

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Mod version 0.9.22/TS1.0 Game version
Added: Feb, 26
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This mod is a look and feel immersion enhancement to vanilla world of tanks. It contains the following:
- HD Tank Decals (Alternate Versions for Japan, Poland, Sweden, USSR, China, French, Germany, Italy, USA)
- HD Tank Marks of Excellence (Alternate Versions for Japan and China)
- Fixed Phonetics and Historical Rank Defeinitions for Various Nations (Alt Versions for China Only)
- HD Barracks Mugshots for Various Nations (Alt Versions for China and USSR 1942)
- HD Ranks for Various Nations (Alternate Versions for Britain, China, and USSR)
- HD Ammo, Equipment and Consumables

Installation Guide

Once you unpack the contents, the default selections are already selected in the res_mods folder. In order to find any alternate versions, you must first go into the alternate versions folder. This folder contains all of the alternate versions that you can use instead of the default selections. Historical Data text files will give you relavent historical information to any of the alternate versions included in the mod. Instructions to Change text files that are scattered throughout the mod will instruct you how to change them. The alternate versions folder is structured like the res_mods folder so you can easily replace files.

Change log

  • 0.9.22/TS1.0
    -Added Higher Detail American Ranks, Standardized the visual Size of the Small Rank files. Originally this was inconsistent between versions and nations. This fixed China NRA/Koumingtang, Poland, Italy, and Czech Ranks.
  • Test 2
    -Remastered British Crew ranks (personally) -Added 1940-1943 USSR ranks (also put standard ones as 1943-1955 as an option as the new ones come standard) -Cleaned up the environment mod (should fix the missing textures or white tanks as part of the environment) -Replaced the standard WOT french rose graphic for the AMX-13-57 re-texture to the one seen in the decal mod
  • Test 3
    -Remastered British Ranks (Now Final) -Added more environment textures -Re-textured some existing environment textures -Added Czech Ranks, Roundel Decal, and Barracks pix (all conform to World of Tank 9.10 Common Test Client) -Now unofficially compatible with 9.10
  • 9.10 Release
    -Remastered Czech ranks to historical parameters (now default) -Added Battle assistant and 30x artisan mod to this pack. -"OTHER MODS" Folder added containing 2 of the mods promised for 9.10 compressed for your convenience -Added more environment textures
    - Remastered Japanese and USSR Tank decals to historical parameters and are of higher quality. - Old Japanese and USSR Decals are available as Alternate versions.
    - Removed Hangar (No longer compatible with world of tanks) - Removed 30x Zoom Mod (No longer compatible with world of tanks) - Added Historical Marks of Excellence - Updated Other Mods Section - Removed the Wargaming GF blank markings mod and the extra Wargaming decal replacement. (due to the M41 GF and AMX 13 57 GF sharing the decals) - Cleaned up the aged and peeling textures of the barrel markings which are hard to see when you have winter camo - All Stock WOT "Marks" Textures are changed and/or reworked into HD quality. - USSR marks now match the tank decal - Japanese Historical Marks introduced. Yellow/Golden 5 point star. Alternate version is updated HD version of the Stock decal
    - Removed Environment Mods. These were causing problems with missing textures. - Removed Login Screens. Login videos conflict With it. - Updated the Battle Assistant Artillery Mode compressed file. - Updated the Icons to DXT5 ".dds" Format - corrects the "Problem?" texture issue. (Thanks to Nishizumi77_NA for help on the conversion) - Removed the GF replacement decal (makes the M41/90GF have a french roundel decal). The AMX 13/57 retexture is still retained.
  • 0.9.16
    - Added Swedish Military Ranks and Marks of Excellence - Fixed the low quality renders of the Chinese Marks of Excellence
  • 0.9.17
    -Added More Options for Japanese Decals and Marks of Excellence (Flag Decal: Rising sun with rays, Marks of Excellence: Gold Sakura Flowers) -Made Modern Chinese Ranks and Decals, along with New Japanese Flag Decal Current (More Historical to Time Period of Respective Nations) -Removed the OTHER MODS Section -Added Historical Details to some alternate versions for an explanation as to why you would want that particular decal over the one that comes stock with the mod.
    - Reworked British Ranks (Again) to the following patterns: - Made insignia for the Battledress Uniform (Common field uniform for WWII) - Dress Uniform (Special occasions and parades) - Added the Option of Shoulder Titles on Ranks Lance Corporal-Staff Seargent (Royal Armored Corps patch title or Royal Tank Regiment metal insignia)
  • 0.9.18
    - Fixed Russian 1944-55 Rank insignia by adding "CA" Title insignia (Russian acronym for "Soviet Army" (for rank Ryadovóy to Stárshiy serzhánt)) - Original WOT Czech Ranks Verified to be Historically Accurate - Now Default - Old Ranks have been Removed. - New Understanding of PRC and Kuomingtang have led to make default the Kuomingtang ranks, barracks mugshots, and related insignia. - Added Kuomingtang Kill Marks (Smaller Kuomingtang stars) - Fixed default small ranks of the British from WO-3 to WO-1 to the correct files (were the big files not the small ones) - Fixed the Piping of the German Ranks from rank Unteroffizer to Major to reflect correct historical information. (Pink piping of the Panzer and Panzerjager corps) - Added related alternate version after realizing modded "big" mugshots of the USSR is using clothing from the early Red army Period (1942) and deleted defaulted related files. - Added alternative version for both Kuomingtang and Peoples Army in both ranks and Marks of Excellence as toggle options.
    - Fixed Issues with previous release and streamlined the file structure - Fixed the Version Number in the res_mods to version number structure of the game (based on change in 9.18 to the structure X.X.XX.X) - Added Historical Tank Decal Options for Germany's Balkenkreuz
  • 0.9.19
    -Fixed the Decal Options in the German Balkenkreuz that had lines or borders that were too thin.
    - Made Higher-res versions for UK Battledress Uniforms (Lance Corporal-Staff Sergent and Lieutenant-Major) - Made Higher-res Version for UK Dress Uniforms (Lieutenant-Major) Note to above two changes: the changes have been applied to all versions of the Battledress and Dress Uniforms
    - Added in garage marksOnGun detail shot of Marks of Excellence for alternate Japanese Marks of Excellence versions - Added Support for Polish Crew (Barracks), Decals, Marks of Excellence and Ranks (All have been updated to higher quality) Note: Alternate version of the Checkerboard decal is the decal for Soviet-occupied Poland (1945) when the Soviets supplied Poland with their tanks. The Soviets attempted to create a Soviet Socialist Republic out of Poland, but the communist government was never realized.
  • 0.9.21
    - Fixed the Rank Insignia for Captaine (French Army) to display gold stripes instead of silver. - Fixed the missing phonetics in the Chinese and Japanese Ranks. - Corrected the Panzeroberschutze (now Oberpanzerschutze) and Curiasser (now Soldat 1e Classe) Rank Titles. Reasons for Rank Corrections: -Panzeroberschutze is the Oberschutze designation for the Mechanized Infantry whereas Oberpanzerschutze is correct for the Armored Corps -Curiasser refers to the Cavalry Unit for the unmarked private rank in the French Army. The marked, 1 striped, private had no designation for the Cavalry corps (which I assume based on how the Chef d'escadrons is used) therefore Soldat 1e Classe is more accurate (the condensed version of Soldat de première classe) to the period.
    - Fixed the PRC Rank titles after making a template for the ranks used in a word document for easy transferal to the .mo files. - Added an Alternate Scheme for the Koumingtang as their rank titles are different. Reasons for Rank Corrections: -The Chinese Koumingtang Used a Separate Ranking System from the PRC. - Da Wei is a former military rank of the PRC between Captain and Major between 1955-1965 by the PLA and is known as a Senior Captain or Captain Lieutenant in the navy (equivalent to it's soviet counterpart). - The Koumingtang do not have this rank. Instead the private superior class is used instead as a lower rank filler.
  • 0.9.22
    - Added Italian Barracks Mugshots, Ranks, Decals and Marks of Excellence
    -Added Old Style French Decals. (WWI to Capitulation of France in 1940)


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