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Simple XVM ModPack (by karolyn)

by Karolin
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Added: Feb, 26
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A simple and useful modpack offered by karolin for everyone. It’s beautiful that does not offer many colors that bothers you during battles. It does not require installation and there are no LAG or CRASH problems. If you do not like the classic modpack in the game, or you do not want a modpack to install it is perfect for you. Simple and fast with the most important utilities either for an amateur or professional player. Good luck to the game

Installation Guide

For the correct installation and operation of this ModPack “by karolyn”, you will need to carefully use the following steps:

  1. Close Full Game, (Make sure the game does not play in the Task Manager or Task Manager)
  2. Enter the folder of your game where the game is installed. eg (World_of_Tanks)
  3. Completely delete these 2 Folders: “mods” and “res_mods”
  4. Unpack ModPack (by karolyn) with program: WINRAR or 7ZIP
  5. Copy these two “mods” and “res_mods” folders from the “ModPack by karolyn” archive to your game folder. ex: (World_of_Tanks)
  6. Install the 3 FONTS (Files) you find in the “FONT” Folder with Double-click and INSTALL are very important for the correct texture of the Damage Panel.
  7. Make sure your XVM is activated on the official website. https://modxvm.com/
  8. Restart the game.

Be careful not to “modify” and do not attempt to rename any folder or file or “add” other ways than those you find in the Archive as they are.


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