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Monty Python crew voices

by Zeebad
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Mod version 2.3 Game version
Was updated: Mar, 3
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This mod replaces your crew voices with various Monty Python sketch soundbites. Demo video here https://youtu.be/S6To6GOZBaY

Installation Guide

Unzip and drop voiceover.bnk in World_of_Tanks > res_mods > > audioww (create the folder if it does not exist)

That’s it. Now in the game, make sure Settings > Sound > Voice Messages in Battle is set to “Standard”.

It’ll work for later versions too until WarGaming change the version of Wwise again.

Also available for automated install in Aslain’s modpack.

Change log

  • 2.3
    Added new sounds. Fixed some levels. Moved "Run away" to separate 6th sense mod


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