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DEbranded's flagsLib & templates

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Mod version 1.1 Game version
Was updated: Feb, 15
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Custom nation flags (e.g. chinese flag before 1945, french war flag, japan naval flag, …) to be used in flagsLib.swf

The package contains my standard flagsLib.swf and different custom made flags for each nation to change the original Wargaming flags. For installation instructions see below…

Installation Guide

WOT-folder: normally C:\Games\World_of_Tanks

Installation Guide

To use my custom, but Wargaming-like flags…
- copy /mods folder to you WOT-folder

Installation Guide Custom Flags

To use my custom flags and/or my alternative flags…
- copy /res_mods folder to you WOT-folder and
- change flags in flagsLib.swf, res_mods/ and res_mods/

This can be done with tools like JPEXS FlashDecompiler JPEXS FlashDecompiler (for the swf file) and by just switching icons from /alternatives folder.

Flash file (example to change french flag)
- go to your WOT-folder
- go to res_mods/
- open flagsLib.swf with your preferred flash file editing tool (e.g. JPEXS)…
- select “images” in file tree
- choose image DefineBitsLossless (9) for french flag in 60x40
- select “Replace…” in SWF preview
- go to your WOT-folder, to res_mods/
- select 9_france_1945_60x40 image as french war flag (flag with the corresponding image number from the package)
- select “Save” in menu bar

For screenshot, please see:

Filter and Nation files (example to change ussr filter flag)
- go to your WOT-folder
- go to /res_mods/
- copy ussr_alternative.png to /res_mods/
- rename ussr.png to ussr.old.png
- rename ussr_alternative.png to ussr.png

Change log

  • 1.1
    updated folder numbers to
  • 1.0
    completely new version (combination from mods "DEbranded's flagsLib" and "DEbranded's flagsLib templates")