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Мод "Фугасный Сплеш" - отображения сферы разлёта осколков / зоны оглушения для фугасных снарядов

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Mod version 2.07 Game version
Added: Jan, 21
Downloads: 261


In update the changes in the mechanics of the game in artillery were radically changed. From a class that could decide the outcome of the fight, it turned into a support tool and often can not independently break its course. Now the art is imprisoned for the camp and a large scatter of fragments of its high-explosive shells, which knock out the tank from any shelter and cover a very large area.
In order to make it easier for players to navigate which area they will cover with a shell, the modders developed the “Fugas Splash” mode - the mapping of the sphere of fragmentation / stun area for high-explosive projectiles [WOT].
It, in the form of a sphere, will accurately mark the boundaries of the fragmentation, thus making your game more comfortable on the art. Also in the fashion there is an additional option that will show you the aiming point, it is activated by pressing the keyboard shortcut - Alt + Z in combat, does not work in the replays.
In general, the utility of the fashion can be seen immediately, it is very well combined with a new kind of art sight. Mod Arty Splash can be used on any other high-explosive tanks, for them, he will also show the scope of the fragmentation.

Change log

  • 2.07
    11.01.2018: обновлено ядро настроек мода