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Premium web-shop tanks icon by Kaptain-Prio

Author: Kaptain_Prio | Mod updated: Jul, 26 | Game version: | Mod version: Obj60 1.7
Downloads: 1.16 K
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This mod will change the original big tank icons in game such as garrage-carousel, tech-tree into the picture you saw at premium web-shop, it has nearly enough all preium that have been sale online, for some ultra rare or reward tanks are not availble so I put there temporary place-holders. If you have any idea or find any bug, please report to me for I can work on that

Installation Guide

simplely install in the current version folder in res_mods, hab fun

Change Log

  • Obj60 1.7
    -Added T-45, BT-7A, T34S
  • Obj60 1.6C
  • Obj60 1.6B
    -Add new premium tanks, enhance old tank, find out yourself. (-.-) V...
  • Obj60 1.5
    -1.1 compatible
  • Obj60 1.5
    -Im too lazy do to with a few new premium, Just wait :')
  • Obj60 1.4
    Nothing special.
  • Obj60 1.3
    - add MTLS-1g4; SOmua SM; Te-Ke; Sxton I; PzV/IV; Progeto M35; Pz-IIJ - Remake FCM 36 pak 40, Tetrarch, B1 Bis; Apline Tiger
  • OBj60 1.1
    -Add FV183, FV215(b), Foch 155, ELC EVEN, M4 Loza, Pz.II D -Remake Personal Mission reward tanks.


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