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DeX Mod Project

Author: DeXon18 | Mod updated: Mar, 25 | Game version: 1.0.0 | Mod version: 7.6
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  • DeX Mod Project contains ONLY mods approved by the developers of Wargaming.

Are you bored of playing World of Tanks in user mode? Of not progressing as fast as your friends? In our project, we have created a modified version of e[X]tended [V]isualization [M]od, adapting it to players for a better gameplay. Moreover, we have included a large selection of customizable mods in four languages (Spanish, English, Italian and Romanian), so that you can play better and progress faster.
Highlights of our mod:
- 5 years of experience with mods.
- Automatic installer detects WOT versions..
- Support for profiles exportable from the installer.
- Management of temporary files and updates.
- Preview of the mods with images and sounds.
- Highly customizable components.
- Stable updates.
- Fast and customizable support from the WOTanksMods forum.

Installation Guide

- The installer detects which WOT versions you already have on your computer.
- You can create backups that will be restored automatically after uninstalling the mod.
- You can select as many mods as you want to install, you have images and descriptions that will help you.
- You have tools to remove WOT cache to make the game more fluid.
- You can export your profile (DMP) so that you can have all your settings.
- To uninstall the modpack, use windows feature to remove programs

DeX Mod Project Website
DeX Mod Project Forum

Change Log

  • 7.6
    Version 1.0.0 v7.6 - 24/03/2018 e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8255 nightly. Updated XVM 7.5.0 23.03.2018. Visual Adjustments Updated Clan Logo Remover Updated Stickers and Inscriptions Remover Updated Transparent Camouflage Updated AtotIK Ultra Fog Remover Updated Camo Selector Sights + Complements Updated TAIPAN 2 Gun Sight By Andre_V Updated Taipan Gun Sight By Andre_V Updated HARDscope Updated Harppon Indicators of damage Updated Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter Updated Damage Indicator Updated Damage Indicator By Badboy78 Updated Bullet Damage Indicator By qdly Updated Damage Indicator By GreenWarriors Updated Damage Indicator By Dikey93 Hangar adjustments Updated AutoEquip Mod By Ekspoint Updated ktulho Icons TechTree Universal - Universal Updated PMOD
  • 7.5
    Version 1.0.0 v7.5 - 23/03/2018 Installer - Installer Initial version - Initial version Outdated Mods disabled/Hidden e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8243 nightly. Updated XVM 7.5.0 23.03.2018. Updated InBattle WN8 Calculator Updated Dynamic Scoreboards (HP Pool) Updated Miruku's Contour Icons Updated Hawg's Tactical SPG-TD -Passive Scout -MiniMaps Combo Updated man1aqContourMod Visual Adjustments Updated Battle Results Enhanced Updated Battle Results Anime Updated Sergey Yemets Updated Korean Random Contoured (Chalk) Updated Fuel Penetration Zones Hangar adjustments Updated ReplaysManager 3.2.7 Riskynets_Icons_TechTree Visual Adjustments Updated Sergey Yemets Updated Korean Random Contoured (Chalk) Updated Fuel Penetration Zones
  • build 8245 v7.4
    Version 1.0.0 v7.4 - 03/20/2018 - Installer     - Initial version     - Disabled / Hidden outdated mods - e [X] tended [V] isualization [M] od     - Updated XVM build 8243 nightly.
  • build 8212 v7.3
    Installer micropatch 2 e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8212 nightly. Updated XVM 7.4.1 14.02.2018. Updated Hawg's Tactical SPG-TD Updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod Visual Adjustments Updated Golden Premium Tank Icons Updated Icons camouflage Updated Wide border of maps Updated Visual Camo Net Updated CamoSelector Updated Transparent Nation Decals Updated White damaged tracks Updated White dead tanks Sights + Accessories Updated Secure Shot Updated information panel (Information in focus) Updated Trip Marker Styles Indicators of damage Updated Brand Excellence Calculator
  • build 8209 v7.2
    Installer initial compatibility with WoT micropatch e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8209 nightly. Updated XVM 7.4.1 14.02.2018. Updated InBattle WN8 Calculator Updated man1aqContourMod Updated Mincrisar Contour Icons Sights + Accessories - DispersionCircle Updated Updated MLG-Hitmarker Auto-reach indicator updated Updated Position where the target fixes our team's artillery. Updated noHandbrake Updated Infopanel SafeShot Updated Updated Damocles Crosshair Updated Minimalistichnyy Crosshair Indicators of damage Updated Tool information timer Updated 15MeterCircle Updated EasyFlyTime LastHits Updated Updated MinimapGunDirection Mission Help Updated Hangar adjustments Updated Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages Updated Account Manager Updated Extended Crew Updated Extended information Updated hangar hits viewer Updated Sheller Map-Rotation Log Update (F11) Updated Armor info Updated Account Manager Updated Clan Activity Counter Chat settings Updated SpotMessanger: It will be sent to the "Spotted at..." chat. Updated RadialMenu Universal Updated PMOD
  • build 8207 v7.1
    - Installer    - optimized - e [X] tended [V] isualization [M] od    - Updated XVM build 8205 nightly.    - Updated XVM 7.4.3 07.02.2018.    - Updated InBattle WN8 Calculator    - Updated Pogs contour icon mod    - Updated Contour Icons Mod by Patejl352 (Jackhammer's style)    - Updated Contour Icons Risky Style    - Updated man1aqContourMod    - Updated DarkBlack Little (DarkSkeletor)    - Updated Hawg's Tactical SPG-TD-Passive Scout    - Updated J1mB0s ContourIcon - Visual Settings   - Updated Improved Battle Results   - Updated anime Battle results   - Updated annoying details       - Eliminate clan logos       - Remove stickers and inscriptions       - Remove camouflage - Looks + Accessories   - Updated Destroyer Blue   - Updated Destroyer Green   - Updated J1mB0's Crosshair Grabaah's Edit v1.27   - Updated MLG-Hitmarker   - Updated Auto-reach indicator   - Updated Position where the target sets the artillery of our team   - Updated noHandbrake - Damage indicators   - Updated Indicator Attack   - Updated Tool information timer - Hangar settings   - Updated Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages   - Updated Delete "Hangares Premium WG"   - Updated Hangar Premium   - Updated ReplaysManager   - Updated Wargaming.FM_3.2.6   - Updated Techtree Colored Ribbons [Riskynet's Colors]   - Updated account manager   - Updated personalMissionColored   - Updated ktulho Icons TechTree   - Updated Extended crew   - Updated Extended information   - Updated Visor of hits in hangar   - Updated Sheller   - Updated Map-Rotation Log (F11)   - Updated Armor info   - Updated account manager   - Updated Clan Activity Counter   - Updated Personal Missions in red - Chat settings   - Updated SpotMessanger: Will be sent to the chat "Spotted at ..."   - Updated Refresh message (C key).
  • build 8189 v6.9
    e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8189 nightly. Updated XVM 7.3.3 13.01.2018. Updated InBattle WN8 Calculator Updated man1aq_contourmod_fun Updated Contour Icons Mod by Patejl352 (Jackhammer's style) Updated Contour J1mB0's Contour Icon Mod[Discontinued]. Updated Contour Minimal Contours by Hawg Visual Adjustments Updated TankTrajectory Added Visual_Camo_Net Sights + Accessories - DispersionCircle Updated Updated MeltyMap Crosshair Updated Minimalistichnyy Crosshair Updated Aiming position Updated noHandbrake Updated J1mB0s Crosshair Updated MLG-Hitmarker Indicators of damage Updated Hangar adjustments Updated Cave (Technology) Hangar Updated Miku (v. 2.0)
  • build 8186 v6.8
    Version v6.8 - 11/01/2018 - Initial version of the microparche - e [X] tended [V] isualization [M] od - Updated XVM build 8186 nightly. - Looks + Accessories - Updated Damocles Crosshair - Updated Minimalistichnyy_Crosshair - Updated Damocles_Crosshair - Updated Destroyer_Blue_Crosshair - Updated Destroyer_Green_Crosshair - Updated Taipan_Crosshair - Updated Oreshkina_Crosshair - Updated J1mB0s_Crosshair - Updated Wolfhound_Crosshair - Updated GunConstraints - Updated Hitmarker - Updated Infopanel - Updated SafeShot - Updated AutoAIM And Snapping - Updated Arty Aim Location By Stealthz - Damage indicators - Updated 15 Meter Circle - Updated Indicator extended - Updated Minimap Gun Direction - Hangar settings - Updated Techtree colored icons [Riskynet's style] 1.1.0 - Updated HangMan - Updated Crew extended - Updated extended vehicle - Updated Seller (The WOT Scrapbook) - Updated BattleHits - Updated TechTree - Updated Hangman_2.21 - Chat settings - Updated SpotMessanger - Updated Automatic Reload Notification In Chat By Ekspoint - Updated RadialMenu - Updated Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker (ElkMPSB) - Updated Elkano's Received Damage Announcer (ElkRDA) - Sounds - Updated epic music - Updated Cephei Project
  • build 8182 v6.7
    Version v6.7 - 26/12/2017 Installer Improved cleaning system when uninstalling Improved pre-micro-patch system Updated RO & IT texts Update my settings Fixed Autoaim e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8182 nightly. Updated XVM 7.3.2 29.11.2017. Updated DarkSkeletor Contour Icon Visual Adjustments Added Tanks destroyed Blank dead tanks Caterpillars destroyed blank Indicators of damage Added Mod Easy Flytime Added AIM Information Tools Hangar adjustments Added - Personal reservations
    DeX Mod Project build 8182 v6.7
  • build 8176 v6.6
    Installer Micro-Patch Ready MicroPatch Preparation. e[X]tended[V]isualization[M]od Updated XVM build 8176 nightly. Updated XVM 7.3.2 29.11.2017. Updated J1mB0's Contour Icon Grabaah's Recolour Updated 4hotaCont1 Updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod Sights + Accessories Updated GTO's MLG Mod - Hitmarker Harpoon Updated Updated Harppon Mini Indicators of damage Added support for missions Hangar adjustments Updated personalMissionColored. Chat settings Updated TeamSpeak Integration


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