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Relhax Modpack (OMC 2.0)

Author: Willster419 | Mod updated: Dec, 16 | Game version: | Mod version:
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As a refresh of the OMC Modpack, Relhax is the fastest World of Tanks mod installer in the world. This modpack offers a huge variety of mods ranging from garage and in-game statistics, to sounds, vehicle skins and much more!
Why Relhax
○ Lightning-fast installation of mods which you can configure and select with ease;
○ The possibility to save your mod selections and configurations for re-installation without limitations;
○ Every single mod in this pack gets thoroughly tested with every patch to ensure that everything works as intended and doesn’t cause issues;
○ Clear and easy to navigate categories of mods which you can select and de-select for installation as you browse through them;
○ The ability to preview what a mod looks like in the game by means of images and videos provided by their creators;
○ Over 300 individual mods to choose from;
○ The ability to install all your selected mods at once;
○ Automated mod updating (see forumthread on how to set it up).
For updates and support, join our Discord server:
For more information, visit our thread on the WoT Forums:
Visit our official website:
Want to request a mod to be added to this modpack? Join our Discord server and get in touch with our development team!

Installation Guide

○ Download the .exe file
○ Drop the file in an empty folder and run it
○ Everything will be set up for you and the modpack will be ready to be used.

Change Log

    No Application change, database updated for
    Version (12/10/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1dfac9cbcb064c73a8a0866528ce1c8a95a8b99f9af0acd8b70acd309121ef86/detection -Hotfix for issue during installation cleanup where some installer's temporary files would fail to delete on some systems --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    No change, database update.
    Version (11/19/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/023edb64c4efa485009668b9472c79ba76f6b132712f06125ea1fe0de12540ea/detection -Fixed issue with "&" symbol not showing for mod names in default view -Fixed bug in legacy and default v2 views in relhax V1 and V2 where if user selects the 0th item in the drop down box it's not actually selected --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Version (11/09/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/26ab0e67ea7c800fcb82c33723832443ea533d766e17859a3a21617e99620433/detection -Fixed a bug with the database updater backend tool -Fixed a bug in the OMC Legacy selection view where when loading/clearing selections, drop down options would not be updated properly --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Version (11/09/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/26ab0e67ea7c800fcb82c33723832443ea533d766e17859a3a21617e99620433/detection -Fixed a bug with the database updater backend tool -Fixed a bug in the OMC Legacy selection view where when loading/clearing selections, drop down options would not be updated properly --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Version (11/02/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/29531bd3ae7fd6b1248400d579741e701500fb07312bad40883bb7076070872a/detection -Changed default URL for zipfiles to be now hosted out of bigmods, not wotmods -Added exception handling if the application fails to parse supported clients document -Added RelHaxSettings.xml, xmv.log, pmod.log to list of log files to search for when making diagnostic zip file -Improved logging of creating the diagnostic zip file -Updated translations --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Version (10/16/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e506065d8b4c810409e466111bfde78ca031fcffb496bd65c29fbcea8657cca5/detection -Updated embedded assemblies to prevent application crash on load --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Version (10/16/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d325923bf69d567caf142b079477a30232dfd8e07c507fd2ef44972b3b6736bc/detection -Fixed possible issue when invalid filepath is used for md5 file hash calculation -Updated French Translations -Removed legacy/outdated code from DatabaseUpdater --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Version 28.2.9 (09/03/2019) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/60ed06a03ebbb582ea2f0bf3c7670f8158f56574f63f67fe4201c34673f655b4/detection - Fixed issues with drawing of MainForm when auto-Install is selected - Fixed several bugs with atlas creation - Fixed issues and added features to BackupFolderViewer - FIxed back-end issues with the database update utilities
    Version (08/03/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f3904706e7a512f594375c843493ecbac8b899fee2bb85a668d85a573f4c870f/detection - Fixed Manager infinity update loop Version (08/03/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/74c5acee1c971126d4b868fdf7d77b044003a92949588433d0b6d6039e8c01a2/detection - Fixed a bug at the patching system where regex commands will crash the patching queue - Fixed wrong error messages at Log - Added the ability to clean up your backup folder by the manager - Changed the update handling - Changed the markers of Alpha, Beta and Stable executables - Translations have been updated - Added a special backup und restore process to speedup huge file counts (e.g. Clan Icons) - Corrected some progress messages at installation UI - Fixed rare bug that two or more final windows were be displayed - Grouped upped code of native methods to one class - Changed update UI during installation to "create" less CPU-load - Added ability to set default browser to use if http calls are made with the manager (see RelHaxSettings.xml -> priorityBrowser) - Added system related backup and restore steps at installation
  • 28.2.3
    Version 28.2.3 (06/29/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f173b760fa2e32f0136666aaa99b258b13317083caa8281d1f602d19f3dfd19b/detection - Added new property to packages "logUninstall" for packages that should not be logged to the uninstall logfile. This fixes the bug where the game would not start after XVM install and uninstall - Fixed issue where translated messages were not being shown for command line parsing errors - Fixed bug where the UI would flicker the tooltip information when updating the application - Optimizations to the database parsing - Removed lots of unused and deprecated code - Other minor code organizational changes and optimizations - Database Updater: moved database output text function into its own tab inside database updater - Database Editor: added support for "logUninstall" property, moved logicalDependencies to its own configuration tab Version 28.2.1 (06/24/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/5f31ebe71f5a1525f1a0e58da6a3bc7cbabdfc7bdcbeaedd8585ff23b7fc72cb/detection - UI Placement fixes of components in the Advanced Settings Window - Fixed bugs in DefaultV2 view where borders would not respond to the correct settings - Database updater fixes - Added ability to detect and kill the WoT process before the installation takes place - Other code optimizations
  • 28.2.0
    Version 28.2.0 (06/23/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b632b62c09faf9a02ecb60e1e970f9c5bec685a451fc4e0df4a7735cfd1c3bc3/detection --UI changes: -The main form has been completely re-designed so that it uses more pictures and less links -The media player now has start/stop/pause images instead of translated text -The Color change code has been completely re-written to be modular and therefore apply to every window without any special patches being required -The translation code has been completely re-written to be modular and therefore apply to every window without any special patches being required -Bugs with the color change and border code have been fixed -A new selection view has appeared: "Default V2". Is is essentially a WPF (new UI engine vs. winforms) version of the default view. This marks the completion of phase 1 of our two phase process to move the application to a new UI engine. -The margins and padding of the "OMC legacy" view have been changed so that each sub-section does not extend so far to the right (it looked weird) -The Taskbar icon code has been re-implemented correctly so that it works off of the main window rather than a "backgroundForm" that many people saw -The parsing of the scaling buttons has been fixed -Fixed other bugs with selection handling in all views -Translations have been updated --Installer changes -We have written a hotfix for a nasty bug in the uninstaller that would cause the installation to fail. It will be fully fixed when we change UI engines -Handling of the installer thread is been correctly implemented, it will now say if there was an exception level error during installation -The json patching process has been minorly re-worked so that it is logged better and will not write invalid json to disk -Other bugs fixed with the backing up of the current mods directory --Other changes -Removed lots of not needed code and embedded resources to free up space and save CPU time -Re-implemented the saving of atlas files now that WG has moved to DDS images -The logicalDe
  • 28.1.2
    Version 28.1.2 (05/29/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/28f729992c099f75626229634fda85c1249df0c45e194176ae25c34b5c67421a/detection --UI changes: -Added color change code and border code back to default and new to OMC view (request by popular demand) -Fixed bug where if single_dropdown2 item selected by parent selection, it would not be auto-selected when it should (applies to both views) -Optimized OMC view during initial view creation -Redesigned and cleaned up the main window. Moved several settings and options to the new "Advanced Settings" window -Added feature: When changing scaling settings, the application will ask you with a timed window if you want to keep the changes. Similar to changing the screen resolution on windows. Prevents invalid scaling size issue preventing you from changing it back. -Fixed bug in legacy view where some disabled components would not show preview on right click -Fixed bug in legacy view where an enabled component on right click preview would send focus back to selection list, not staying on preview window -Re-wrote code for how UI controls are translated so that it is modular -Added working facebook and twitter links -Other UI code optimizations --Updater changes: -Added alternative application update method. It will take longer, but should be more compatible with anti-virus programs --other changes: -Added ability to use the beta application and beta database from the advanced settings page. (Command-line versions still work) -Organized the translations into groups based on where they are used -Rewrote entire backend tool to update the database, update the application, and clean the online zip folders -Automated the database update process. It now takes 15 seconds, rather than 15 mins manually -Added automation of the databaseupdate text message (the "Database Update!" message) so it is made by the update process. Helps to speed up the update process -Added automation for process of cleaning the online wot folders -Fixed bug in default selection view where when selecti
  • 28.0.4
    Version 28.0.4 (04/17/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f4e7b13d8e188fff7e604802a96acc43842394cf5d7d94ad82ffce0d20e86b6e/detection -Fixed bug with logicalDependency being installed when the triggering object is disabled -Fixed issue with expand all and collapse all buttons in mod selection list not wrapping the text for some languages -Renamed "clean" uninstall mode to "quick", since it is quick, while the other is clean/complete -Added database version to stored config files -Fixed naming of mods at initialisation time (shows the mod version instead of "{version}" macro text) -Fixed bug where in default view, the dropdown list would throw exception if nothing in the dropdown -In database editor, moved mod and config lists and update display to package -Fixed issues with truncation of the log file -Log files will now use carriage return (\r) as well as line feed (\n) so they look readable in notepad and wordpad -Corrected spelling in the log file -Updated a missing German Translation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 28.0.1
    Version 28.0.1 (03/18/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b3ffc455f70215c5b3e8c114fdc1d0d1a2a53ab372c8ded69a0b50e17ead34e9/detection -Fixed bugs with the multicore extraction -Fixed possible bugs with the instant extraction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 28.0.0
    Wargaming is releasing a major application version? So can we! May we present to you, version 28!!! (03/17/18) This version is packed with new features and cleaner code! https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/871a790da2e2f89d3873a9d0fe9901be8d48155355542ee07dddd64c3e205116/detection -The class structure for the modpack has changed again. This time it is less complex and makes more sense. There is an abstract class that represents a component in the modpack. That class is then inherited by other classes, being Dependency, LogicalDependency, and SelectablePackage (no need for mod and config seperate classes). The Selectable Package class has a refrence to the coresponding UIComponent, which is what you as the user interacts with. https://puu.sh/zFD3F/66d092ef7c.png -The mod selection list code for building and handling logic selections was completly re-written. Before, when you make a selection, the UI cound would be triggered and it would then update the database. This was bad for three reasons: 1: It implies that the UI controls the database, rather than the database controlling the UI 2: The UI and database could get out of sync. 3: For each UI view, the code needs to be written. Therefore, a new method was made. Now, when you make a selection, it gets updated the database, and then propagates the selection changes throughout the database, which then get reflected in the UI. In other words, the database controls the UI. What you see is what you get. -The Category system was changed. Categories no longer have a "single" or "multi" selection type, they are now just categories. This means that we can have single and multi mods at the same top level, in the config. This was done by making a top UI component, the category holder. -The filesize of the database was reduced by about 30% due to making some entries optional. For example, if the mod does not have a version associated with it, the empty entry for it is not written to the database. -When loading a new selection, it will now check for any invalid entries. An i
  • 27.7.3
    Version 27.7.3 (01/29/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/dc742c805fe2f487a1bb5736c11b707331a0efd5a03ae1e5243888a4faf53d4e/detection -Fixed bugs with the patchPath parameter during export of the patch designer -Made the database editor resizeable/fullscreen-able --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.7.2
    Version 27.7.2 (01/19/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/80f1efb6878618099b48b30bfbe86d844425df432b413c718571a87b6c008ef7/detection -Fixed resizing preference being forgotten for ModSelectionList -Added resizing preference for Preview. Added check for Preview start location to verify it is on the screen -Fixed SuperExtraction checkbox not changing language from language selection -Normalized upper and lower casing for text on the main form window. Also Fixed any clipping text -Re-organized settings in main form window. game settings are on the left side, modpack settings are on the right --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.7.1
    Version 27.7.1 (01/15/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/2bb34635c955f823f2668c23a56b0c27b5361c555e74382880ab93253bac4052/detection -Added high DPI support for the Windows FTPClean (Internal), InstallFinished, OldFilesToDelete -Fixed Bug with previewing disabled components (some would not show) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.7.0
    Version 27.7.0 (1/13/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1a15f483b5b7ff762f063a6116bfdf76c991f54811c96c4b7d6a3bcb0ad3a64b/detection -Fixed issues with 4K and high DPI displays -re-wrote some Main Window and Mod selection list code to be neater -Updated patch designer to include support for "patchPath" property -Added official support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 in the application manifest file -Re-organized code files to clean up the code repository -Fixed bug of the width of the dropDown config options -Fixed seekbar and pause/play button of the media option in previews. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.5.2
    Version 27.5.2 (01/05/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a6e9f98b45be54f02f3d4aa9c58e51d5ece43788897f765c3adfa5ccf5dc685a/detection -Fixed a macro parsing bug with the patching system -Fixed a bug with the default checked mods system --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.5.1
    Version 27.5.1 (01/02/2017) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/59d80e87654c978a201a68d59e8b9b0d312d3eeefda2f20d15fb5c34557a1681/detection -Fixed bugs with the json patcher with xvm files -Fully removed extractpath from all packages --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.5.0
    Version 27.5.0 (01/02/2018) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3cf10af198b7dd3fd7ca07f1e7f23f07e9f976d4d29706ff379acb37c7698821/detection -Added new default checked mods feature. Like the old OMC, we now have the ability to have mods checked by default. Currently the only mod we have checked is the modpack button. Loading or clearing a selection will clear any default checked mods, so it is not invasive. -Modified patching system: --Added new property: PatchPath. Purpose is to serve as a macro for before the path to the file. Allows more file locations to be patched like appdata folder, no longer just World_of_Tanks folder. --Other patching optimizations -Modified database package structure: --Removed extractPath from the package level of mod selection. Moved to macros in zip files (more on that below) -Fixed the bug where having a comma (,) in your config preference filename would cause the application to crash. -Added the ability to preview disabled mods (popular request) -Removed several static methods of getting specific xpath values, moved to one over-loadable method that accepts any xpath path. -Modified the zip extraction method: --Changed the extraction method from zip file based to zip entry based. This allows the abilty to change the extraction path at the entry level --Due to above, Added macro system for changing the extract directory for individual zip files. For example, files that start with the folder "_appdata" can now be directly placed in the user's application data folder. --Other zip extraction optimizations -Fixed potential bug of having invalid folder characters ("\\" vs. "\") -Moved around several code methods to make it look neater. -Moved shortcut creation from the database to individual xml file reading. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.4.4
    Version 27.4.4 (12/21/2017) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/2dd89bc19ad405602ddc60fa1d569a5677f79bb1bbe358815b2daf2d44ee1b60/detection -Added more useful patching log statements for patch debugging -Fixed bug with float decimal parsing ("." vs. ",") -Fixed bugs with database list output generator --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.4.2
    Version 27.4.2 (12/15/2017) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/0b32699b0fab4fce1e862e057db692499c055f957829aa4f8fafe57be7c83e72/detection -Fixed bugs with /beta-database command line switch, not using correct onlineFolder macro. It will now download mods specified in the beta database -Fixed bugs with the text patch display during file extraction -Fixed bugs with the atlas image packer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.4.0
    Version 27.4.0 (12/12/2017) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/ec2dac02785baea4d4c2675c619f500ed56cb67cbf309dbfab63e22656684bf6/detection -Added new preview mode/feature: Audio. You can now preview sound mods and 6th sense sounds directly from the application via the 3rd party application NAudio -Added feature to check if an already created icon has the same target path as the new one. If they match, it will not overwrite the shortcut -Added ability in backend tools to run script for cleaning ftp files -Added new form window that will delete all old local zip files no longer in use --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.3.0
    Version 27.3.0 (12/7/2017) -Fixed issues with JSON empty array logging -Fixed bugs with version notes and version checking between stable and beta builds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.2.8
    Version 27.2.8 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d169477dc460b03ba89b519ec5ee091738c9357ffc90d0321fa1b518eda3c57f/detection -Updated translations. That's it. That's literally it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.2.7
    Version 27.2.7 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/dcecd7499ba0773bbe2c472075d7fad8755c2872ab4b1c7d3b69dcc4da2b35d4/detection -Fixed bug where main window buttons become enabled if user canceled the change installation in diagnostic menu -improved code for atlas checking and deleting or temporary directory -Updated install procedures so that patching is done after modpack and user mods extracted --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.2.5
    Version 27.2.5 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/89a2cafc7faca1cfa0445ca87549f42111ecfeefaf1e2aab426bdf789e9e8d48/detection -Added parallel extraction for mods/configs of cateogries. Application now uses up to 13 threads. Hard drive users should not use. SSD users will see about a %200-%350 speed boost -Optimized atlas fils building and extraction. Also moved it to parallel multithreading. SSD users will see about a %120 speed boost. Hard drive users will see about a %400 speed boost -Added progress to XML unpacking process. -Moved several if-else statemetns to switch-case statements (faster) -Added logging of the install process. If you are interested, you can now look at the log file to see the precise (down to milliseconds) time it takes to install mods. -General optimizations -Updated translations --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.0.1
    Version 27.0.1: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/78920f00186ba031baddc31b7cf0468e194ecfbc1cdfc43e8891dae1aafff4c6/detection -Fixed bugs with xml unpacker -Fixed bugs with shortcut creation -Improved logging for Restoring and backup userdata -removed unused code --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 27.0.0
    May I present to you, the latest full new release, version 27!!! This is the biggest performance update yet! https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/4b65c4317d6eb219862134e0fa19f972ba0177376444655bfdd967398e14a13f/detection "We are done adding new features." - Me 1 month ago. Very much false. -The process for building the Mod Selection list had been completely re-written. Before, it would take 5 seconds on a hard drive, and 2 seconds on an SSD. After the re-write, it takes 2 seconds on a hard drive and 0.8 seconds on an SSD. Much faster! -The unzipping process has been improved as well. It uses less regex overhead and more native string replacement for changing variables like the WoT version (0.9.x.y). The logging for zip files was also improved. SSD users will see a small extraction speed increase, but hard drive users will see a significant extraction speed increase! -The unzipping process has been further improved by using macros for the destination path. Now, we can have packages extract directly to the WoT folder, the application data folder, the Relhax base folder, and the relhax temp folder. -The download process can now be integrated into the extraction process with the "Instant Extraction" setting. Before, like all other modpacks, downloading and installing were two separate synchronous processes that happened one after another. Because of our asynchronous approach to installation, we said, "Why not extract a package as soon as it is downloaded?" Here is an image to explain the change. The top part is the synchronous approach, the bottom is the asynchronous approach. https://i.imgur.com/6BcgLRf.png This is the first and only modpack to have this ability! -Have you ever had issues with the damage panel? Or missing contour icons? Both if these issues will be gone with this update! Thanks to our engine, C#, we have been able to replicate the process of building the contour icon bitmap based on any contour icon mod you install. Translation: we can automatically fill in any missing contour icons with the stock
  • Version 26.3.1
    https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/2bc65255e4e0c0cfd6bd8951aa23cf05ef0b616de340fe6a24e0238fcdf6442a/detection -Alligned Components in the main window -Fixed german and polish translations -Fixed bugs with the database editor -Fixed other bugs in the main window
  • Version 26.3.0
    https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/93e20f2643e0e0a64d6ec3da6c6998d47d76842271dd1c0e09c8be19692dbdfc/detection -Updated update system to use xml for keeping track of updates. (Try to say that 3 times fast) -Added a new feature for database updates. If the database hasn't been updated since your last installation, it will inform you. Then, if you are only checking for mod updates, you don't have to waste your time reinstalling. -Updated string formatting to string.format method -Updated file path formatting to path.combine method -Updates to the database manager that you won't notice -Memory optimizations in the Mod Selection List -Added more logging at command line level -Moved the update (.bat) script to be internal, only written to disk when needed -Moved the two dll files to be embeded inside the application -Fixed bugs with the button display scaling in the main window -Moved the font registration system to be inside a zip file downloaded at install time -And what update would be complete without updating translations??
  • Version 26.1.4
    https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f2bf375a87c1cebd962e5c43644168eebc29bbef3ff1926678daaa7074bcbfdd/detection -Fixed CRC handling of the database editor -Improved database interfacing with previews -Updated translations


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