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Black Series - Strv S1 Pansartrupperna

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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Was updated: Nov, 12
Downloads: 223


Black skin for Strv S1 with Pansartrupperna insignia


  • Black metal turret, gun and hull
  • Pansartrupperna insignia
  • Fuel canister and rear metal box retexture
  • Steel wire retexture
  • Tanker helmet retexture
  • Improved textures for the shovel and front metal rods
  • Improved texture for hammer, axe, wood crates, rope and camo net
  • Clear headlight

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Please estimate this skin and comment if you have ideas on how to improve it.

Installation Guide

Extract the vehicles folder from the archive to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ *

If the game has been updated, extract the vehicles folder from the archive to the current version of the game (e.g. or whatever the game version is at the time).