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Grandpa's Tech Tree Icons

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Mod version 12.29.2017 Game version
Was updated: Dec, 30
Downloads: 100


Tech Tree Icons with Options

Installation Guide

To install, copy the style (grandpa_tech_tree_xxx#.wotmod) of your choice from the archive (zip) file to the mods/<game version>/ directory.

To change modes:

  • Go to mods/<game version>/grandpa_tech_tree_xxx.wotmod, where xxx is the current version, and delete it
  • In the archive (zip) file, go to Options/Tank_Tree_Icons and choose the Option you wish to install
  • Copy the grandpa_tech_tree_xxx.wotmod file you want to install to the mods/<game version>/ directory.
  • You can have ONLY One (1) grandpa_tech_tree_xxx.wotmod file in the directory

Change log

  • 12.29.2017
    Update to
  • 11.29.2017
    Update to