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Disabling the mirroring of icons

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Was updated: Feb, 22
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►Modification page on the forum: Koreanrandom

The files are designed to disable the mirroring of custom vehicles icons in size 80x24 pixels. Icons of vehicles of this size are created by the program TankIconMaker

Modified elements:
– battle loading window;
– window by pressing Tab button;
– the players panel (ears).
– window of the training room.

Turn off mirroring for elements in battle:

“mvi_battle” – without deleting items
“mvi_battle_clear” – with the removal of vehicles level

Turn off mirroring for elements in the hangar:

“mvi_hangar” – without deleting items
“mvi_hangar_clear” – title and level of vehicles

Installation Guide

1) Download the archive
2) Depending on the selected mod, the contents of the folder should be unpacked into the client’s root directory (in the folder with the game client)


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