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Minimalist & frustration free XVM config

Author: lgfrbcsgo | Mod added: Jan, 5 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.0.0
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This is the XVM config that I personally use. The config is designed to be as minimalistic as possible. The config is offered “as is”.

- No numbers in battle—statistics only displayed as colors
- Colors in players panels and chat
- Auto installation of removable equipment
- Auto returning Crew
- Remaining hitpoints when holding TAB
- One extra zoom in level and two extra zoom out levels
- No camera shaking on hits
- Readable names in extended team panels (remove all caps, leading and trailing underscores, etc.)
- Spot indicator (spotted / unspotted / never seen)

Color Scale & Player ratings:
The mod uses xTE, a per vehicle rating, i.e., it depends on the player’s skill on the given vehicle.
- Golden Yellow: Top 0.1% of players (Best)
- Purple: Top 1% of players
- Blue: Top 10% of players
- Green: Top 30% of players
- White: Bottom 60% of players (Worst)
The color scale avoids using the colors red, orange and yellow as these colors have a negative influence on the player’s mood. The exact rating, i.e., the number, is not shown. All ratings are flawed in some way and should not be given too much emphasis.

In case there is no reliable xTE rating available (< 15 battles), the modpack will show the player’s overall WN8 rating (in italics, color only, same color scale).

Note: Vanilla “Mods”
Some of the things shown in the screenshots aren’t actually part of the config and instead are part of the vanilla game client. This includes the circles on the minimap, the hit/damage log and the ingame notifications. These features can be enabled in the game settings.

Installation Guide

  • Download, install and activate [XVM] (https://modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/).
  • Unzip the zip archive and copy all files into your WoT folder.


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