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Leningrad The Tiger

Author: kot_tankoT | Mod added: Nov, 18 | Game version: | Mod version: 1
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Replaces the VK model.36 01.H on the tiger tank of the very first issues skins are in the folders “G04_PzVI_Tiger_I” and” G57_PzVI_Tiger_P “since the skin is very old and was made on the basis of these” tigers”,
inside the folders have skins for winter camouflage (graphon depends on the width of the tracks) in the screenshots it is written which module is replaced by models
bonus is the change of the medal ” fighter”
History :
The national historiography confirmed the opinion that in 1943 two “tigers” from the 502nd heavy tank battalion were captured near Leningrad. The circumstances of the seizure of the enemy’s new tanks in memoir and military-historical literature are described differently. For example, the General of the army, who commanded the troops of the Volkhov front at that time, recalled this: “during the breakthrough of our enemy defense, the fascist command threw a new heavy tank “Tiger” into battle… and this monster was stopped by our infantry-armored fighters, damaging the observation devices of the tank. The crew broke and fled, leaving the overall serviceability of the machine. The Nazis kept it under continuous fire, and even tried to repel tank attacks. Later, I ordered the ship “Tiger” in our experimental range, where studied the durability of his armor and revealed a vulnerable place.”

The capture of the first “Tiger” in one of the brochures of the post-war period is presented in a slightly different way. It is possible to read the following: “In the area Sinyavino heights in the dense thickets of bushes located at the firing position battery 122-mm guns 267-th corps artillery regiment. Suddenly there was a rumble of a tank engine. Two huge tanks with crosses on the sides were approaching the battery. When one of the guns there are not more than 50 meters, the shot was fired. An armor-piercing projectile weighing 25 kg at a speed of 800 m/s crashed into the tower of the head “tiger”, which, after splitting, flew off the tank. Strong blows of large fragments of the tower on the armor of the second “tiger”forced his crew to run without choking the engine.”

The General of army G. K. Zhukov who was on the Volkhov front as the representative of a Rate of the Supreme command shared subsequently impressions of a non-ordinary front episode: “it was on January 16, 1943 to me reported that between working settlements No. 5 and No. 6 our gunners knocked out the tank which in appearance sharply differed from types of fighting vehicles known to us. And the Nazis took all sorts of attempts to evacuate it from the neutral zone. I became interested in it and ordered to create a special group as a part of a shooting platoon with four tanks, which was tasked to capture the tank, tow it to the location of our troops, and then carefully examine it. On the night of January 17 the group headed by the senior Lieutenant Kosarev started performance of a fighting task. This part of the countryside, the enemy kept under continuous bombardment. Nevertheless, the enemy car was captured and towed to the location of the Soviet troops. As a result of studying of the tank and form, picked up in the snow, we found that the Nazi command had brought the tank “tiger” on the Volkhov front for the challenge, the Tank was sent to us on the test range, where empirically found out his vulnerabilities, which subsequently became the property of all our fronts.”

According to the report of the command of the German heavy tank battalion sPzAbt 502 from January 31, 1943 to the headquarters of the 26th army corps with a list of irretrievably lost tanks in January battles in this combat episode involved two cars. First with the factory number 250005 burned after being hit by a projectile anti-tank guns in the engine room; the second with the factory number 250009 stuck in a swamp and was abandoned by the crew. Information that she was captured by our troops, confirmed by archival data, according to which the trophy was delivered to Cuba. In April 1943, the tank was stripped of all instruments, engine, weapons, and the hull with the turret was shot from guns of various calibers. In June, “tiger” was exhibited in Moscow, in the Central Gorky Park of culture and rest, at the exhibition of trophy equipment.

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Place in the “res_mods” folder with the latest version of the game


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