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Celina's SoundMod Creator Pack

Author: Miss_Celinax3 | Mod added: Nov, 8 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.2
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You always wanted your own Sound Mod? With this tools you can create it!**

Download the installer and install the files where you want. Follow the steps written on the documents. Alternative option is to watch the little tutorial video which comes with the installer.

Have Fun. Leave a feedback down below! If you have any problems you can write me here or ingame @Miss_Celinax3! :)

Additional Tutorial by Renegade:

__Step 1: Unpacking the Voiceover.bnk

  1. Unzip soundmod.zip to a random location on your computer(desktop best)

  2. Go to worldoftanks/res/aduioww folder and copy voiceover.bnk

  3. paste voiceover.bnk in your soundmod folder(in the same folder that have soundfileeditor.exe in it)

  4. Open up sound_banks.txt with notepad++. replace the word WOWS_SP with voiceover

  5. Then double click on Soundfileditor.exe.
    It will open up a command panel window, let it run as it unpack the voiceover.bnk into a new folder.

  6. copy everything in soundmod/tools folder(convert2ogg, packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603, revorb and ww2ogg file)

  7. Next go to soundmod/voiceover/bank_streams folder.
    Paste the all 4 tools you just copied and paste it inside the bank_streams folder

  8. Double click convert2ogg.batch file.
    It will open a new command panel, let it run as it convert all of the stream files into ogg audio formats

  9. Open Audacity. click the file tab. Select the Edit Chains … Click Add. Type in the name of your chain, for example. Wav conversion

  10. on the right side edit the chain. Click Insert. Select the ExportWav. Confirm OK

  11. Next in Audacity. Click Apply Chain … Check Wav conversion. Then Click Apply to files.

  12. find the banks_stream folder you just created. Go down to the bottom and select “files of type: All supported files”. select all of the ogg files and then click open.

  13. Audacity will now convert ogg into wav format. Go to bank_streams/cleaned folder. Now you can now listen to the all of the voiceover sounds.

__Step 2: replacing voices and creating new .wem files

  1. listen to each voice in bank_streams/cleaned folder.
    example: the first wav in the list is 00c8d9aa.wav. When you listen to it, you will hear “We’re on fire!”
    So the best simple way is to edit the 00c8d9aa name and change the name to something easy to remember, like 00c8d9aa_weareonfire.wav.
    it important that you keep the original numbers in the file name, it will make it easier to repack if you know what number it belong to.

  2. Once you have make notes of all of the voices of each wav audio file.
    Get your new voices from where ever you get it from. create a new folder and place your new voices in it. So you don’t mistaken it for the game version of the voices.

  3. Start renaming your new voices you have. Start renaming them with each number. I just find it easier just copy 00c8d9aa_weareonfire and find what voice you’re planning to use to replace it with. replace the voice name with 00c8d9aa_weareonfire.
    Repeat the step with all of your voices till you rename them all.

  4. Once you have finished renaming all of your new voices. Open up Wwise.

  5. Launch it to see the screen for creating and loading projects Press “New”.

  6. Fill in the “Name” (if required) and “Location” fields. Windows platform In the Import assets to project, deselect all fields Press Ok.

  7. Press “Close”.

  8. Grab your .WAV file (or any required piece of it) and drag it to “Actor-Mixer Hierarchy”. Press the “Import” button below.

  9. Now, we can see the .WAV files we have just added

  10. Go to the “SoundBanks” tab.

  11. Right-click on “Default Work Unit” and select “New Child”->”SoundBank”. The newly created bank will appear below.

  12. Now go back to “Audio” and press F7.

  13. Let’s transfer all our files onto the newly added bank.

  14. Right-click on our selected sound files and select “Multi Edit”. The “Multi-Editor” screen will appear. Go to “Audio”->”General Settings”->”Stream” and tick “Is Streaming Enabled”.

  15. Tick the bank, “Windows” and “English (US)”.

  16. Go to the “ShareSets” tab. In the appearing tree, open “Conversion Settings”->”Default Work Unit”->”Default Conversion Settings”.

  17. In “Format”, select “Vorbis”, and select “6” for “Quality”.

  18. Close the window and press “Generate”.

  19. Close the window(Wwise)
    _Your files may be found in the folder we specified in the “Location” field. Exact address is as follows: YourLocation/ProjectName/GeneratedSoundBanks/Windows (mine was stored in Documents/WwiseProjects/(your project name)/.cache/Windows/SFX folder)
    The files you need are .WEM files with numbers in names. To differentiate between the files, open the .TXT file with the name of the bank. It contains names with numbers and their corresponding ‘old’ file names.

__Step 3: Repacking your new voiceover.bnk

  1. Once you are done creating new .wem files with Wwise. Go to soundbank/voiceover and open data.text with Notepad++

  2. Ok find your .wem files you just created. (mine was stored in Documents/WwiseProjects/(your project name)/.cache/Windows/SFX folder)
    The .wem files will have random numbers at the end like “_5BEAF6AD”. Ignore that, it not imporant.
    My easiest way to repack the .bnk is to rename all of your wem files to the original number, just like it came out of the voiceover.bnk. file
    To do this, just delete everything else in the wem name and keep the original number
    example: 00c8d9aa_weareonfire_5BEAF6AD.wem to 00c8d9aa.wem

  3. Once you finish renaming all of the wem. Move all of your new renamed wem files to soundmod/voiceover folder(same folder that have data.text in it)

  4. Go back to your Data.text in Notepad++.
    Click Search. Select “Find”. Then paste 00c8d9aa in the “find what:” search bar. Then click “Find Next”
    It will take you directly to your number. 00c8d9aa=#
    Now paste 00c8d9aa in between = and #. So it look like this 00c8d9aa=00c8d9aa.wem#
    don’t forget the .wem part(it need it full file name for it to work)

repeat this progress with all of the other wem files

  1. Once you’re done entering Data in the data.text after saving it. Go back to your Soundbank folder and double click Soundfileditor.exe.
    It will open the command panel, it let run.
    Once it done, go to your soundmod/Output folder and you will find your new modded voiceover.bnk file.

Extra Step: Amplify your voices
If you feel like the voices are way to low in game. Not easy to hear.
1. Open up Audacity
2. import your voice wav audio file. File>import>audio
3. Then click Effect at the top. Click Amplify
4. A small window will pop up. Type in a number for Amplification (dB). I use 5.00 because it just right for me, but you’re free to use any other numbers.
5. click box “Allow clipping”, then click ok.
6. Then File>export audio and save it as wav format

Done! :)

Installation Guide

Just follow the steps in the .exe file! :)

Change Log

  • 1.2
    1.2 - Fixed the damn >Next button..^^


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