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Ed's Type 62 Remodel - Type 62-I

Author: MrEdweird | Mod added: Oct, 11 | Game version: 1.2.0 | Mod version: 1.0
Downloads: 115
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Thank you for having a look!

This is a fairly straightforward remodel/kitbash to achieve what I believe to be a cooler look for the tier VII Type 62 premium light tank.

This is meant to emulate what a field-modified Type 62-I would look like.
Please find the changes and improvements below.

This remodel would not be possible without the assistance and guidance of:
Miruku-nyan (milkym4n), deh0mbre, TheFalkonett, atacms and other users of the WoT modding community. Thank you!

Featured are:

  • working flexible gun mantlet dust cover
  • two-lens laser rangefinder on mantlet
  • sideskirts with camo applied
  • altered gun geometry
  • additional track links on glacis plate with ammo crate and helmets
  • partial cage armor for symmetry on turret
  • classic storage box on left side of turret
  • smoke launcher array on right side of turret
  • ammo boxes for the machine gun
  • reoriented cupola and machine gun
  • cargo cloth sack on back of turret
  • additional spotlight
  • tied down ammo boxes on engine deck with hooks
  • camo net on engine louver
  • unditching log with attachment points
  • relocated tow hooks on back
  • added expedition kit with shovel between fuel tanks
  • altered clan logo location
  • altered turret emblem locations
  • inscriptions moved from turret to sideskirts
  • modified camo and metallic textures to better reflect added equipment

This remodel uses various geometry and modified textures from certain vehicles, such as T-34-3, WZ-120, WZ-120-1G, 110, WZ-132A, T-100LT, WZ-132-1, 121B etc.


Installation Guide

Simply place the .wotmod file in your mods/version folder and enjoy!


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