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Tier 1 Mayhem! - Derpy tier 1's

Author: KptKosmiT91 | Mod updated: Oct, 20 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.0
Downloads: 95
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This mod will replace all turrets of all tier 1’s to turrets from higher tier vehicles. Mostly to tier 10, with chinese tank’s turret being from tier 8

Here’s how it goes:
Renault NC31 - Alpine Tiger turret
Medium Mk.1 - FV4005 turret. Unofficial tank name: Medium Mk.4005
MS-1 - Obj279 turret. Unofficial tank name: MS-279
LTraktor - Waffentrager auf E100 turret. Unofficial tank name: Waffentraktor auf E100 (If you want to, you can download it separately here)
Kolohousenka - TVP 50/51 turret
4TP - 60TP turret. Unofficial tank name: 4TP Lewandowskiego
Renault FT - BC 155 58 turret. Unofficial tank name: cancer
Renault Otsu - Type 5 turret
STRV fm/21 - Kranvagn turret
T1 Cunningham - T57 turret. Unofficial name: T57 Cunningham
Fiat 3000 - Progetto 65 turret

This mod will also change the firing sound of all above tanks. Shell impact sounds are changed too, but that will apply to all similar guns
Find videos of (almost) all of my mods here!

Installation Guide

Put the downloaded .wotmod file in (WoTDirectory)/mods/(version)


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