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[replaceAnyTank] Leviathan, working turrets (3 size available)

Author: atacms | Mod updated: Dec, 3 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.0
Downloads: 83
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convert the original WoT event tank G150_Leviathan into UML-compatible format, so advanced animation/effect can be supported, and the ability to replace any tank(s) of your choosing without affecting other players’ tank

  • comes in 3 size( original, sherman-size, kingtiger-size)
  • working secondary turrets
  • working secondary battery firing effect (backspace key)
  • camo disabled

at the moment, UML does not support 3rd-party particle effects, so the original ‘lightning’ firing effect has to be removed because the resources is deleted from client after the halloween event. It might come back later should I add this feature to UML.

important: UML 1.48+ is required.

Installation Guide

1.make sure UML V1.48+ is installed
2.extract the rar, place this wotmod file to mods/VERSION/
3.start WoT, enter hangar.
4.open UML config file (res_mods/VERSION/scripts/client/mods/ownModel.xml), look for config section <g150_leviathan>, <g150_leviathan_small> or <g150_leviathan_medium> which should be near the end of the file, but could be in the middle in rare occasion. These 3 profiles corrspond to the 3 sizes. you can use either one of them, or all at once.
5.Set the config accordingly (UML main topic, [Configuration] section), for example
- set <enabled> to true
- make sure <swapNPC> is false to prevent other player’s tank from being affected
- make sure <useWhitelist> is true if you want to apply this remodel to certain tanks you’re playing, instead of all tanks.
- set <whitelist> to a list of standard tankenames, like <whitelist> A05_M4_Sherman , G16_PzVIB_Tiger_II </whitelist>
6.Press “F5” if the game is still running and in hangar. This will update the new parameters into game. It will also read config from harddrive during each client (re)start.

Change Log

  • 1.0
    Initial release


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