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Star Trek sounds

Author: The_Illusive_Man | Mod updated: Jan, 10 | Game version: | Mod version: 6.1
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This mod changes the ingame sounds to be that of star trek. Most sounds are from STO, so are of high quality. Some are from the TV show, so are a bit lower.

Includes, but is not limited to:
- Scotty
- Sulu
- Spock
- Chekov
- Bashir
- Sela (Romulan Tal Shiar)
- Harry Kim
- Cooper
- Genaric Klingon Sounds

Installation Guide

Just copy this to mods/<version>

Change Log

  • 6.1
    Added: Bvat_02 [vo_vehile_destroyed/male] Bvat_03 [vo_vehile_destroyed/male] Cooper_008 [vo_armor_not_pierced_by_player/male] Cooper_007 [vo_dp_player_joined_platoon, vo_dp_player_joined] Cooper_006 [vo_target_captured] Cooper_10 [vo_dp_assistance_been_requested] Cooper_11 [vo_dp_player_joined_platoon, vo_dp_player_joined] Cooper_013 [vo_dp_left_platoon] Quark_162 [vo_enemy_fire_started_by_player] Removed: Scotty_27 [Not relevent to WOT] Holo_Leeta_Dabo3 from vo_enemy_hp_damaged_by_explosion_at_direct_hit_by_player/male [Its only supposed to be played when a female crew is used] Removed extra sound files Modified: Reduced Q Death sound [Too loud] Added some Spock sounds to events properly [wherent playing] Leveled most sounds New Install way: Just copy this to mods/<version>
  • 5.02
    Update for WOT V1.3. - No changes as of yet, expect there to be some stuff in the new year!
  • 5.02
    Update V5.02 - Added Q - Added a 6th sense sound
  • 4.1
    Updated for 1.2 - no changes
  • 4.1
    Update V4.1: - Converted to wotmod. - New install proccess: - Extract, and copy the StarTrekSounds.wotmod to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_NA\mods\<version> - Added more sounds, and more people. - Cooper - Harry Kim - More Spock sounds


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