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Clean & Minimal Modpack by WorstUnicumEU w/ XVM

Author: theSwedishTankDriver | Mod updated: May, 6 | Game version: 1.0.1 | Mod version:
Downloads: 709
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Check out my thread on the official forums for more information and if you have any questions or problems!

- Tweaked Color-scale
- Damagelog (Number of hits recieved, Blocked/Penetration/Ramming/Fire, Shell Type, Vehicle Name, Player Name)
- Stats on Over Target Markers (Win Rate & WN8) (On ALT: Win Rate in vehicle & Battles in vehicle)
- Number of Enemy Vehicles Spotted
- New Sixth Sense Icon
- Stats in Player Panels (Win Rate, xTE & WN8)
- HP Left of allies/enemies in Player Panels (ALT)
- Clan of allies/enemies in Player Panels (ALT)
- Tweaked Hitlog (Number of shots to that perticular player, damage color coded after type of damage, vehicle name, kill/ammorack icon, player name)
- Minimap (Inspired by OldSkool)
- Minimap Zoom (CTRL)
- Save last server
- Auto return crew
- Removed postmortem tips
- Premium ammo/consumables are purchased for credits as standard (instead of gold)
- Zoom out
- Zoom in
- Clock in garage/in game
- Removed the Player Panels switcher (instead use CTRL + TAB)
- Destroyed module timer
- XVM User marker
- Ability to have multiple World of Tanks clients open simultaneously
- Color coded (WN8) player names with client langauge flag in the chat
- Removed the Primary Vehicle Badge in the carousel
- Further zoom in and out in garage
- Premium garage as standard
- Stats in the Carousel
+ More things I forgot to mention :P

Battle Observer:
- Team HP Pools
- Penetration Calculator (Effective armor thickness / Base armor thickness / Average penetration over distance)
- High Caliber Countdown

Detailed Session Statistics and PMOD:
- A variety of statiscs found in the notification center. Stats are shown in total and in average for that session
- Tank for tank statistics can be found under the “Vehicles”-button
- Statistics can be reset with the “Reset”-button
- Battle Result messages in battle (Victory/Defeat/Draw, map, vehicle, credits, XP)
- Server Crosshair (independent from the standard aim circle, therefore 2 circles)
- Free Camera for replays (Controls: Activate (must be in free camera mode, LMB): F3, Forward: W, Back: S, Left: A, Right: D, Up: Q, Down: E, Rotate around point: C, Smooth mouse movements: P)

Installation Guide

  1. Open the .zip-file and extract the mods and res_mods to your World_of_Tanks directory
  2. Go to the XVM website to enable statistics


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