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KV-2-2-2 - The tower of Stalin!

Author: KptKosmiT91 | Mod added: Sep, 13 | Game version: 1.1.0 | Mod version: 1.0
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This mod replaces the models of both KV-2’s - gives them 2 more turrets!
Watch short teaser video here!
Watch the BETTER teaser here :3
Works for both KV-2 and KV-2 (R)
This mod will replace the turret model with the KV-2-2-2 meme turret.
The other 2 guns are sadly locked to the turret - they will only rotate with the turret and never look up/down. Always only forward. However, all 3 guns will produce the shooting particles and SOUNDS! Yes, it will actually sound like 3 guns firing :)

Known issues:
-Paint is not displayed properly on the turret if both paint and a transparent camouflage are applied

Find videos of my mods here!

Installation Guide

unzip and put the .wotmod file in (WoTDirectory)/mods/(version)


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