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Реалистичные звуки выстрелов орудий World of Tanks

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Mod version 1.15 Game version 9.19.1
Added: Jul, 15
Downloads: 635


V. 1.15 Patchnote

Compatibility with

Mod is fully rewritted from scratch : Far less xml and more support on wwise. All guns sounds have been verified and optimized.

Fully rewritted positionning system

Added fonctionnality to play different reload sounds on sniper/arcade view.

Added new sound system for tanks with open turret (like SPGs or TDs), now you can hear the shells after firing when you are close to him.

Reworked following guns : 150mmL63 (Grille 15), 120mm L1, 122mm D25T/M62T2, 130mm S-70, 105mmL7, 128mm, 105mmL68 and others....

Installation Guide

Скопировать папку res_mods из архива
в WOT/, подтверждая замену.

ВАЖНО! После установке, при запуске игры, обязательно согласитесь на перезагрузку клиента.

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