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M4A1 Revalorisé CHROME Skin By OKAIRIN

Author: OKAIRIN | Mod added: Aug, 30 | Game version: 1.1.0 | Mod version: ver. 0.0.1 beta
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This is basically pretty common skin, that’ll make your M4A1 Rev. CHROME.
Nothing special, but i like doing that kind of shiny skins :)

Installation Guide

If you’ve never installed any single skin for WoT yet, then go by this patch for windows:
My PC>Disk:C/(or whatever disk you have game istalled on )>Games>World_of_Tanks>res_mods>1.1.0(actually should work on any version higher than 1.0, but you just have to change “1.1.0” for an actual game ver.)>here create file called: “vehicles”>then create “french” for M4A1 Rev in it(actually you just call file by country english name, exmpl: german, japan, sweden etc)>then you extract file that you’ve downloaded in the last one. It should work if you did it correctly. Perhaps.
Well, that’s all folks!


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