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Hide Hangar UI

Author: alphasave1 | Mod updated: Dec, 18 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.2.4
Downloads: 608
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In Garage,
Push F11 Key To Hide Garage Interfaces
(LobbyHeader & messengerBar is not Hide)
Push F12 Key To Hide All Interfaces
(Mause Cursor will Hide,It is a specification)

Press the key again to return to the original state

Installation Guide

Copy content of downloaded archive into game folder, confirm the replacement of files.

Change Log

  • 1.2.4
    change directory name
  • 1.2.3
    change directory name
  • 1.2.2_1
    change directory name
  • 1.2.2
    change directory name change file type
  • 1.2.1_3
    change directory name.
  • 1.2.1_1
    change directory name
  • 1.2.0_2
    change directory name
  • 1.2.0_1
    Change directory name
  • 1.2.0
    Added Hide All UI (F12 Key)
  • 1.1
    Support New Engine
  • 1.0


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