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Cromwell "HELA" gen. Maczka

Author: michal_alpha03 | Mod added: Aug, 10 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.0
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This is skin of General Stanisław Maczek’s Cromwell. General Stanisław Maczek was a Polish tank commander of World War II. He rebuild Cromwell to mobile commad center. How he did it? He throw away most of tank parts, even the gun (gun was replised by wooden). Because of this Cromwell was faster and more mobile.
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Installation Guide

World_of_Tanks (your wot folder) -> res_mods -> (current version; the last folder) -> extract in “current version” folder
I hope this will help you.
PS. If you want to have british symbols just delete “gui” folder.
PPS. If you have problem with installation or you found bugs just type the command and I will reply ASAP.


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