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Waffentraktor E100 - First upcoming Tier 1 Premium tank :D

Author: KptKosmiT91 | Mod updated: Oct, 20 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.1b
Downloads: 630
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This mod replaces the turret of the Loltraktor to that of the Waffentrager auf E100. It also changes the firing sound

Find videos of my mods here!

Installation Guide

Installation is simple: Put the downloaded .WOTMOD file into (YourWotDirectory)/mods/(WoTVersion)
don’t mistake it with res_mods folder!

Change Log

  • 1.1b
    -Updated for WoT 1.2
  • 1.1
    -Updated the reload sounds once again. This time 20cm breda gun has new reload sounds too -Deleted inscription slot on the turret, and moved it to the hull Note: if you had an inscription on the turret, you'll need to take it off by clicking a special button. Shown by the arrows from this picture if you don't know what I mean: https://i.imgur.com/bFeYNCA.jpg hopefully u didn't put inscriptions on a tier 1 vehicle lol -Added some static (unchangable) emblems on the turret One of these emblems is the clan emblem
  • 1.0c1
    Updated to WoT version
  • 1.0c
    -Fixed reload sound (now it is the one used by Waffentrager auf E100)
  • 1.0b
    -Compatibility with 1.1


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