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Avalon's AMX M4 49 Liberte Removal

Author: Avalon304 | Mod updated: Oct, 14 | Game version: 1.2.0 | Mod version: 1.2.0-0
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Skin for the tier 8 French premium heavy tank, AMX M4 49 Liberte. Remvoes French themed markings from hull, turret and gun.

Do not repost or redistribute my remodels.

For updates please checkout my website at:


Installation Guide

Copy .wotmod file to “World_of_Tanks\mods\$VERSION”

Change Log

  • 1.2.0-0
    Compatability with WoT version 1.2.0.
    Compatability with WoT version
    Compatability with World of Tanks Version Initial upload to WGMods.


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