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Countryball emblems

Author: AllTheCoolNamesAreTaken | Mod updated: Oct, 18 | Game version: | Mod version: 0.4
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Replace the stock emblems with countryballs

Installation Guide

Copy to your current version *mods* folder

Change Log

  • 0.3
    - all flags changed to countryballs
  • 0.2
    - polish emblem changed to countryball - flags changed to countryballs: Russia, U.S.S.R., U.S.A., Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkey, Brazil, Azerbaijan, New Zealand, South Korea, Israel, Australia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Armenia, China, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Albania, Canada (1921)
  • 0.1
    - flags changed to countryballs: Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, France, U.K., Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Latvia, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Monaco, Croatia, Denmark, Moldova, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Luxembourg


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