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T110E4 Remodel V2

Author: olix_vameshu | Mod updated: Jul, 15 | Game version: | Mod version: 2.1
Downloads: 155
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Remade the Td as a .wotmod, created new AO maps on hull,turret and also for some other parts.Mod allready with hd textures. Don’t working well on HQ graphics, parts are darker then the original tank parts, i will fix that when I know to do that :D. Hided the old mod.

Installation Guide

copy file in World_of_Tanks/mods/

Change Log

  • 2.1
    2.1(include an archive with 2 .wotmods separately for each graphics setting, like the standard and high quality graphics)so if you have a slow computer and game is setted to standard graphic use the standard grafic.wotmod and is you have the high quality graffic use the other one. thank you hope you like it
  • 2.0


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