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Metal/Panzer Waltz GUI Transformer

Author: Tsukotaku | Mod added: Jun, 20 | Game version: | Mod version: 0.4
Downloads: 79
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As a WoT modder, I mainly produce GUI modifications that enhance the experience for both the players of Metal/Panzer Waltz and World of Tanks. Making everything more colorful and anime style, while maintaining the original accessibility of WoT.

These changes are and will be always aesthetic only and will not encourage any advantage over the enemy team. Like so, my mods are to be considered “Fair Play” friendly.

- This modification changes the graphic assets of the game user interface (GUI), the .swf files within the client.
- This modification makes WoT much more like Metal/Panzer Waltz, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone that enjoy the game or anime in general.
- Like so, this modification is inspired by Metal Waltz (A.K.A Panzer Waltz) and its characters.
- Some elements of this modification are NOT aligned with the historical characteristics of certain tanks.

I hope you enjoy!

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Additionally, you might to consider to support me with a donation at my website.

Installation Guide

  1. Extract the archive to any place of your liking.
  2. Open the “MOD” folder.
  3. Select now all the folders and files you see and copy them.
  4. Paste the stuff into the “” folder, you’ll find it in “res_mods” within the directory of World of Tanks (Ex. X:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
  5. Click “Yes, to all” if Windows asks for the overwrite of certain files.
  6. Done! Open the game.


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