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Sgt_Krollnikow51's Skin for the french PREMIUM light tank "AMX 13-57 Grand Final" (GF)

Author: Sgt_Krollnikow51 | Mod added: May, 8 | Game version: 1.0.1 | Mod version: 1.0
Downloads: 18
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Skin shows a tank of the 1st.Recon.Plat./heavy Tank Comp./Batt.Francais
de I’ONU, attached to the 2nd. US Inf.Div. Korea 1951 (fictional)

Installation Guide

Just unpack the .rare file and copy the res_mods folder to
“C:\Games\World of Tanks” and restart the game.
The “res_mods” folder of my skin has TWO tank folders inside !!!
Both folders have the relevant texture files inside to make the skin working!!
A “scripts” folder is also inside with the right xml file for the skin.
It is ABSOLUTELY noteworthy to install the COMPLETE “res_mods” folder
of the unpacked rare file into the World of Tanks folder as described above !! DO NOT DELETE ANY FILES OF THE SKIN FILES !!

If there will be any further game patches just update the number of the
versions folder, that’s all.
Please give me feddback for any bugs with my skins, I shall update them
very quickly.
If you like my skins, just give me a “Like” ;)
Enjoy, Sarge

Change Log

  • 1.0
    for version


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