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Minimalist & frustration free XVM modpack

Author: lgfrbcsgo | Mod updated: May, 5 | Game version: | Mod version:
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This is my personal modpack and is designed to be as minimalistic as possible. All mods with the exception of XVM are of my own creation. All mods are also open source.

Included mods:
- XVM with custom config
- Scope shadow remover
- Gold ammo visibility mod
- Customization manager

- No numbers in battle - color only player statistics in battle
- Auto installation of removable equipment
- Auto returnung Crew
- Auto installation of removable camouflages
- Remaining hitpoints when holding TAB
- Gold hits will show as pink smoke
- No scope shadow when zoomed in
- One extra zoom in level and two extra zoom out levels
- No camera shaking on hits

Color Scale & Player ratings:
The mod uses xTE, a per vehicle rating for its player rating.
- Golden Yellow: Top 0.1% of players
- Purple: Top 1% of players
- Blue: Top 10% of players
- Green: Top 30% of player
- White: Bottom 60% of players
The color scale avoids using the colors red, orange and yellow as these colors can have a negative influence on the player’s mood. The mod also intentionally does not reveal how bad a player is as this is an other source of frustration.
In case there is no reliable xTE rating for a tank available, the mod will show the players overall WN8 rating (color only).

Installation Guide

Unzip the zip archive and copy all files into your WoT folder.

Change Log

    Update XVM
    Fix bug in customization manager


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