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leFH Skorpion G Remodel

Author: FastestClassic | Mod updated: Nov, 8 | Game version: | Mod version: 2.4
Downloads: 158
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Remodel for the Skorpion G.

I’m currently in the process of uploading more of my content to the wgmods site. While that’s going on, most of my other skins/mods can be found here: https://classicswotworkshop.weebly.com/

Installation Guide

Place the downloaded .wotmod into <WoT Install Location>\mods\<Game Version>. (Example: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods```<version>```)

Change Log

  • 2.4
    - Updated vehicle XML script to current version (WoT 1.2) - Fixed filepath issue, which caused remodel to not show up in game (*again*)
  • 2.3
    - For 1.1.0 (no changes)
  • 2.3
    For (no changes)
  • 2.1
    - Edited gun & turret crash models to show the correct (remodelled) gun/turret upon destruction of the vehicle
  • 2.0
    Initial WGMods release (Updated to use 'vehicles\remodels' instead of 'vehicles' + fixed contour icons)
  • 1.2
    Added VT files for proper display of emblems/hit decals
  • 1.1
    Removed unused files
  • 1.0
    Initial release


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